Which assessment site to choose?

Review sites publish ratings given by users of a product or service to share their degree of satisfaction. It is estimated that 70% of consumers consult reviews before adopting a product, and 60% of them abandon a purchase if the rating is less than 3.5/5.

Google and Facebook account for the lion’s share, but there are plenty of other niche review sites that can boost a business’s visibility.

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Niche Review Sites

Some review sites focus on individual products and services. Therefore the choice of platform depends on your field of activity and your geographical location.

If you work in the personalized travel space, try highly targeted sites like Objective V n Vans that compare van rental agencies. The platform lists agencies according to their location, types of vans available, customer reviews and prices offered.

If you sell computer hardware, the hardware.fr platform is a good choice. This site provides a discussion forum among users of various products to share their respective experiences.

There are also review sites for real money online casino operators. If you are located in Canada, you can contact the local CasinoOnline forum. The latter is based on criteria such as the variety of bonuses offered, games available, payment methods, customer service or the security of the sites.

It should also be noted that the choice of a review site is not only based on the niche of your business but also on certain criteria.

selection criteria

An established company uses a review site to optimize the quality of its services. And for this reason, it must ensure that any additional campaign can bring additional value to it. Before registering on the online assessment site, it is necessary to note the following points:

Site awareness and traffic

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Naturally, the most popular platforms attract more Internet users than the lesser known ones. In travel, for example, TripAdvisor is the leader with traffic of 164.4 million visits, while Kayak, its direct competitor, has only 41.8 million visits.


The reputation of a review site is considered a measure of credibility. In addition, the profile of the users, the diversity of experiences, the number and dates of publication are elements that we should pay attention to.

User-friendliness of the site

The site interface should be clear and the navigation fluid. User-friendliness is featured by elements such as site responsiveness and regular updates. User-friendliness, for example, helps increase the average visit time per user, while reducing the bounce rate.

The objective of business valuation tools is to maintain or improve the quality of services provided, but also to maintain market share. Many companies are engaged in this process to increase their turnover and ensure their longevity in the market.

According to studies, average ratings given to products can increase company sales by 37%. In addition, there are other indicators to measure performance and ensure the sustainability of the business. These include financial, organizational strength, social responsibility and many more.

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