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Are you looking for a new job or are you in professional retraining? Are you looking for fast and effective training to become a web developer? You are in the right place !

PM, New Generation Distance School

Welcome to O’Clock, the new generation school that is revolutionizing distance learning and pedagogy. Here you will not find impersonal training, cold approaches or long and boring lesson sessions.

To combat the problems of teaching in e-learning, the O’Clock teams have worked hard on building a strong concept and an innovative teaching method. Here are the highlights.

multiple training

O’Clock School offers various courses to its students. These are aimed to fully meet the needs of the learners and the real challenges of the IT development market.

Training can range from a few days to a few weeks or months. Thus each student is able to modify his/her choice to follow the course that best suits their needs.

True Digital Classroom

O’Clock’s biggest strength is the quality of its courses. If the classrooms are virtual, the school is very real. By rediscovering the concept of telepresentative lessons, O’Clock has ensured that it can offer high quality teaching.

The proposed follow-up is strict so that the supervision of the students provides them with a rich work space that aims to lead them directly to success.

A real solidarity between students and instructors

Teaching-learning is done remotely during the night, it is a fact. However, the systems that have been established allow for complete immersion and lasting interactivity between teams of students and instructors.

The classroom and digital workspace are all designed to promote exchange and teamwork.

Eventually, solid relationships emerge and provide a pleasant, stimulating and challenging study environment.

web developer training in 6 months

OoClock offers a range of training courses to become a web developer based on different objectives.

One of the most popular is undoubtedly the 6 months web developer training. This specialized program allows you to gain all the knowledge you need to become a professional web developer.

The student then obtains a professional qualification (equivalent BAC+2) recognized by the state. But not only that, the latter also benefits from personal coaching until they sign their first corporate contract.

o’clock method

The hourglass method is simple. It is based on both high quality teaching and a humane approach. Furthermore, the pedagogy has been worked out to be completely effective and allows learners to integrate each element of their training.

A pioneer in the concept of telepresence, O’Clock has taken care to create effective processes to guarantee the development of its students in three areas:

  • Acquisition of theoretical knowledge by following daily lessons.
  • Gaining information through supervised practical exercises in virtual workspaces.
  • Acquisition of information to be able to collaborate in a team on large scale projects.

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afternoon program

Hours schedules vary according to the training chosen. For 6 months of training in web development, the program consists of more than 798 hours of lessons.

It breaks down like this:

  • “Basic” training: 476 hours
  • Specialization: 168 hours
  • Project: 154 hours
  • Coaching: 7 hours + follow-up after training

Students who follow this course aim to obtain a professional title of Web and Mobile Web Developer at level 5, which is compliant with Bac+2.

As a reminder, this training takes place full time Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with dedicated time for drills and challenges at the end of the day. Classes are offered live and in a very strict framework. To guarantee your success, it’s important to be able to completely free up your schedule and dedicate yourself completely to your learning.

in conclusion

Now that you know almost everything about O’Clock School and its shock program, all you have to do is take action.

You can choose from its various continuing and work-study training courses or our training courses dedicated to professionals. Join the Big O’Clock family with 4,000 trained and satisfied learners since 2017!

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