Emailing: Text or HTML Version? How to choose

According to a HubSpot study, 64% of users prefer email in HTML format. Yet when it comes to performance, text emails tend to get more open and click-through rates. So how to choose?

We’re going to study the difference between an email in text or HTML version to advise you on which to choose the best!

Text version for authentic and personalized email

Consumer inboxes are becoming increasingly cluttered with promotional offers and other newsletters. More authentic and human, text emails are a great way to stand out and encourage openness.

It seems that text emails come more from a person rather than a company and there are many benefits. Who are here!

Promote conversations with your customers

In this format, users view the email bidirectionally. They think your company is a face-to-face conversation. This further encourages them to engage by clicking a link or replying to a post.

provide better access

Because of their simplicity, they produce fast. This also means that they are easier for customers to read. but that’s not all ! Smartwatches and voice assistants can only read text, so they are perfectly suited for connected objects.

enjoy better delivery

Plain text emails are more likely to arrive in the recipients’ main inbox. Since their structure is thin and contains no images, they are less likely to be identified as spam.

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy

Simple to perform, text emails are very effective for your lead nurturing or marketing automation campaigns. You can use them in a welcome message, an event invitation, or a customer’s birthday email.

Disadvantages of Text Email

If there are many advantages to text email, there is still one downside!

Inability to track open rates

A key element of email marketing is the ability to monitor the impact of each campaign. But if you send a text email without a specific tool, you won’t be able to track open rates or enable click tracking. It’s hard to analyze the return on investment of your campaigns and take a lesson for your future emails!

Minimal design and customization

Since text-based emails do not include colors, formatting, or graphics, they lack visual impact. This can be a problem during some campaigns, especially for the launch of a new product or for the performance of a service. It is also punishable for areas where the image is very important such as fashion, decoration, jewelry, automotive, travel, etc.

a tough organization

Text emails lack visual organization. It is more difficult to prioritize them into sections to make reading easier. Likewise, the call-to-action will often just be a simple link. Therefore it may have less impact with the recipients.

HTML email for attractive email

Emails in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) offer a much more visual approach. This is the most commonly used format, as you can 100% customize the design! Everything is done to captivate the audience and grab their attention till the call to action.

HTML email for attractive email

There are many advantages to using HTML email.

high conversion rate

In general, HTML emails generate higher conversion rates, especially in e-commerce. The reason is simple: They include powerful images and clickable buttons. This encourages recipients to act quickly when they receive your message.

Dynamic and personalized email

Using the information you collect about your customers, you can send personalized content directly to their inboxes. For example, emails with product suggestions based on browsing history.

easy to read email

HTML emails can be organized into sections. This makes them easy to read. Your customers want to quickly draw out key points and find out what’s important to them. Since images are processed faster than text, HTML emails help you make your point, especially if you’re presenting complex data (such as survey results).

Ability to track open rates

HTML emails include a pixel that is activated when opened. This allows us to measure the rate of openings, clicks and downloads. This is very practical for measuring the success of your campaigns, in order to refine your next email.

Disadvantages of HTML Email

Not everything is perfect in the HTML world! It also has some disadvantages, as HTML emails are:

less reliable

The average consumer is more knowledgeable when it comes to malware delivered by email. So he may be wary of links and attachments contained in HTML versions.

More likely to be classified as spam

HTML emails raise red flags with ISPs. This hinders their delivery rate.

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less accessible

In fact, emails in HTML format are less accessible than in text format. This is especially true for visually impaired people or those using connected speakers.

Text or HTML: how to choose?

After all, each format has its advantages and disadvantages. So the ideal is to tailor your choice to your purposes!

If you don’t need to convey information through images and want to engage with your audience, text emails are more relevant. But if your aim is to generate emotion and take action, it’s better to use an HTML format that allows you to add images and buttons.

Finally, during an automated campaign, it is possible to combine the two! Some messages may be fully text, others in HTML, depending on the prospect’s progress in the purchase funnel.

Final tip: When you send a text email, go to your emailing tool, not your classic messaging system. This trick allows you to profit from statistics related to deliveries, openings and conversions.

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