How to measure the quality of your brand identity?

It is often important for a business to have a strong brand identity. Indeed, according to a study by Demand Metrics, 56% of brands believe that an inconsistent identity hurts their credibility.

We hope you have followed many of our tips to establish your branding.

Now is the time to assess the quality of the latter. These are the things you must pay attention to…

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Your brand perception by your employees

It is important that your employees understand your brand identity so that they can correctly communicate it to your customers. If their perception is different, the impact on your sales could be negative.

To make sure your team understands your brand’s issues, you can ask them a few questions.

What are your core values?

Values ​​can be explained in many different ways, so make sure your employees are as close to your vision as possible.

Who is your target?

All your employees should know your primary goal. If not, they run the risk of implementing ineffective strategies.

How has your brand evolved in recent years?

While the last two questions may seem obvious, it is sometimes overlooked. Still, your team needs to be aware of what has changed in the past and recently of your business.

They also need to know where the brand is going in the coming years.

If your employees’ perception of your brand identity is different from what you want to present to your customers, analyze the marketing tools you used:

  • your website
  • Your newsletters and other emailing campaigns
  • your ads
  • your brochures
  • Content published on your blog
  • Publishing on your social network
  • your press release
  • Etcetera.

If necessary, don’t hesitate to clarify your brand identity with your employees so they can create a coherent and unique discourse with your goal.

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Your customers’ perception of your brand

Have your customers understood the message that you convey through your brand? To know this, some questions must also be asked. Here’s what you can ask them:

What attracted them to your brand?

Thanks to this question, you will definitely get a lot of comments about your brand and thus you will be able to judge the quality of the latter.

If your customers talk about the quality of your customer service, the quality of your products, your values ​​or your mission, etc., then you are on the right track. It is clear that the impression is positive.

If some points that you think are important to your brand identity are not mentioned by your customers, they need to be reworked. Check in with your team and review your strategy.

How do they rate their interactions with your employees?

This is a great question if you want to know if your employees are really conveying your brand values.

Ideally, the emphasis should be on caring, listening or trusting your customers.

Will they recommend your brand to people around them? Why ?

If you are satisfied with the answers to the previous questions, then your customers should really recommend your brand.

Regardless, the “why” is essential because it will highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

What are the tools to assess your brand perception?

To ask all of these questions to your employees and your customers, use the right tools.

tools for your employees

In order to receive complete and all honest answers, it may be necessary to respect anonymity. That way, employees won’t be afraid to speak their mind and make a mistake.

To do this, use anonymous questionnaires that you can send by email.

You can also organize group or individual meetings:

  • In a group, one person from outside the company is ideal for collecting feedback.
  • For personalized invitations, be sure to keep an open mind and give your employee confidence.
group meeting

Tools for your customers

To collect responses from your customers, you can also use online questionnaires. You can email them after purchase, or set up social media posts.

If you have a physical store, don’t neglect paper questionnaires.

Now you can assess the quality of your brand identity. Thanks for the answers received, you will know where to improve.

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