5 trends for your brand name in 2020

Your brand name is much more than the name of the company, it is the complete identity of your company that affects it.

Whether it’s an acronym, a realist or an invented term, its personality should be true to your values, your ambition, and your product or service. The important thing is that your future customers keep at it!

Try to come up with a name that is catchy, clear and meaningful. Stimulate your creativity and be inspired by these 5 trends to choose or change your brand name in 2020.

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1. A Name Association

A brand name should dynamically “sound” phonetically. That way your customers will remember it.

One of the excellent sounds that has “peps” Combination of two names. these are often first name or last name initials which has been restarted.

Widely used in luxury goods or textiles, you are surely familiar with these examples:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch;
  • Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M;
  • Dolce & Gabbana.

These two names create an easily memorable balanced mental image.

And who is a better brand ambassador than the founders themselves?

Think also about the success story of the most famous ice cream brand in the world: Ben & Jerry’s. The flour from two founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield is still used today to tell the story of the brand.

2. Personalization

Current trends in start-ups: first name.

playing on first names vintage or original, These service or product names can easily convey the message of the brand:

  • Alfred, The chic assistant of marketing automation solutions on Instagram;
  • Simone Paris, bubbly homemade manicure made in France;
  • John Paul, Luxury online concierge brand.

Ideal for service companies, allows first name To embody the brand and build a privileged link As if your customer were addressing you directly through that person.

favor the choice preferably shorter of the same surname or first name in order to maintain it better.

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3. Definition

Brand names sometimes use an unstoppable technique to embody their product: its definition.

If it’s not the most original option, this option has merit From realism to your brand identity and of Describe your activity accurately,

You can also play with metaphors to add a touch of uniqueness to your branding. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook : Who would have thought that one day the most powerful brand in the world would be called “Trombinoscope”!
  • Netflix: Translate movies online (flix is ​​the phoneme of flix, an English slang word for film).

English is easier to practice than French, yet here are some beautiful Made in France examples:

  • chemist, a website for creating made-to-measure shirts online;
  • finger twitching, A start-up that introduced the concept of ordering by text message: train tickets, translation, food delivery;
  • Angie Where we clearly perceive the word in relation to its activity: energy.
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4. Symbol

Other ways to make an impression: Create a symbol.

Thank you for the name or not related to your activity, you appeal your audience’s visual memory and will be more likely to be recognized. Some good examples:

  • Apple With its famous apple, which has nothing to do with its activity at the moment, but has been exploited to the maximum on its visual branding;
  • Orange which marked a good transition with France Telecom;
  • french briefs, Everything is said in the name and the scene is very clear.

5. Number

Here’s a new look for inspiration to build your brand name: Number,

they symbolize logic and modernity and would preferably be used for technology companies, in Finance or IT.

This allows you to have a short name that is easy to remember.

Found two examples:

  • N26, German mobile banking that is a hit in France;
  • School 42, Created by Xavier Niels, who trains future developers. 42 is a mythological number in geek culture. a symbol for the School of Computer Science;
brand name spec

What about domain name?

Last step after choosing your brand name: domain name.

Most of the domains are already reserved so we recommend you to Shortlist 3 Brand Names and see if these are available. In particular, there are some good practices to implement Find the ideal domain name for your website.

remember that more The shorter your name is, the more likely the domain name will already be reserved., Then play with extensions if you are a product. For service marks, the .com or .fr remains the standard.

Ready to practice your creativity? Use these 5 trends to start your brainstorming and find the right brand name for you.

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