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Today, a website needs to be readable on all the screens it used to be consulted (computer, smartphone or tablet). it’s called a responsive website, The more you provide users with a comfortable and seamless experience across all mediums, the more likely they are to stay on your website and buy what you offer them.

Note that by default, most CMSs allow you to create a website that is adapted to the various media we use in our daily lives. However, there are other ways to contact responsive website creation, In what way? And why switch to a responsive website? We answer your questions!

Why Build a Responsive Website?

Today, three-quarters of the world’s population has a mobile phone and half the population has smartphone search, So when potential customers search for your business or website, they are probably searching from their mobile phone.

above all readability

you can’t allow Navigation on a Responsive Website With elements that are unreadable, out of screen size, or hard to click.

It’s not uncommon for people to start with their smartphone and end up on their computer when they want to make a purchase. it’s part of ecommerce buying journey traditional. However, if the mobile mode is inconvenient or gives the impression that they cannot order properly, users will postpone their purchase. This is where a responsive website becomes essential.

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Create an integrated and simple journey so that users can make purchases with the fewest clicks and preferably create their own smartphone shopping, Google appreciates responsive websites. The algorithm allows sites to be more specific in search results, suitable for all screens.

Today, almost half of websites are unresponsive. So Customizing a Responsive Website Can give you a significant competitive advantage. This can dramatically increase traffic to your website.

A unique responsive website

If your website is not responsive, you will need two separate websites, one for the computer and one for the mobile phone (and possibly a tablet, etc.). In addition to the dual effort of keeping both sites up to date, you also need to make sure that both sites have the same aesthetic, similar content when changing media.

with change screen size, these limitations are removed and only one content needs to be updated. A responsive website saves a lot of money and administration time. For example, you can also do Customize Ad Links external. Because they point to the same page, you get consistent statistics.

How to Design a Mobile Responsive Site?

Before starting the design of a responsive website for mobile, it is essential to define precisely the specifications of mobile navigation.

What is Mobile Browsing?

It is important that you consider this question before you begin. These simple observations are here to help you build better performance.

  • On smartphones, websites are typically displayed in portrait mode, which reduces the width of the screen by at least a third compared to computers.
  • mobile browsing is touch only,
  • When an Internet user browses the Internet from his smartphone, he wants get information quickly,
  • Short, airy, concise and readable content is preferred. Simplify your website content To not waste any time.
  • Mobile browsing requires a page load performance optimization,

Make your content mobile browsing friendly

For text, we recommend using the shortest and most concise version of the message you want to convey. As we have seen, mobile users Often they have little time and their navigation is ad hoc. they needShort and fast web information,

The structure of the pages should be fluid without the need to scroll to scroll in a multidimensional manner, all the content that needs to be read.

optimized loading time

If you need minimal loading times on your traditional website, this is even more perfect for your mobile website. Smartphone users are usually in a hurry and do not have the time or patience to wait for the website to load.

So, you need to make sure that your page is not overloaded and your page code is optimized. Keeping this in mind a. call on freelance web developer Experienced will be of real support to you. offers you the possibility to find this developer and guarantees you a high quality responsive website.

Customize Menus to be Responsive

Responsive sites enforce very specific rules for consultation from a mobile device, and especially at the menu level. The majority use a menu representing three vertical lines. it’s called a “Hamburger” style drop-down menu,

This type of menu makes it very easy to click on a small screen. In addition, it saves a lot of space. A very important concept at low performance.

there are many ways to Make a Burger Menu In HTML and CSS. One way to do this is to create a menu that opens on the side. This type of navigation is more convenient for mobile users than a menu that expands up and down the page.

Benefits of building a responsive site

There are many benefits to building a responsive site, especially in terms of visibility. Here are some examples of what a responsive website can do for you:

  • Responsive design makes you Website more accessible to all ,
  • Responsive Websites Responsive, Simple, intuitive navigation features and fast loading times make it easy to navigate on mobile devices;
  • a attractive design Provides a positive attitude to the Internet user and helps the company to appear on the cutting edge of technology and eager to innovate;
  • Google strongly recommends responsive websites And also provides additional benefits through better visibility that allows positioning in search engines. Responsive websites use the same URL and HTML code across devices, making it easier and more efficient for Google to index and organize your content.

Therefore, it is important for your website to be responsive to reach maximum users. In fact, Internet users are more likely to access it from a device other than their computer. Also, if these same Internet users face difficult navigation, it is better not to stay on your site.

What Tools Should I Use to Build a Responsive Site?

A complete solution, a turnkey site or a CMS, keep in mind that your choice is largely determined by your budget, the time required to manage your website and your technical skills. Here’s an overview of the different tools available today Build and manage responsive websites,

Build a Reactive Site with a CMS

a chief ministers A web application is a type of web application that separates the content from the website format and provides an easy way to edit that content. In this way, a website can be maintained and run without any technical knowledge.

It is very important to understand the fact of separation of matter and form. Your CMS Should Never Guide website design, The example we usually think of when we talk about CMS is WordPress, which falls under the category of “.complete cms,

CMS, like wordpress either Wix It is the most used software for creating websites all over the world. They have the advantage of being highly customizable with their website, and you can do almost anything.

However, this software is required to be maintained and updated. As these CMSs are widely used, they evolve rapidly and require frequent updates from a security perspective. Result: New versions appear very regularly.

Build a Responsive Website with Bootstrap

bootstrap is css-framework, HTML And free javascript Most popular for developing responsive websites or mobiles. It includes CSS and HTML templates for buttons, tables, navigation, images, and other elements that you can use on your responsive website. some Javascript plug-in Alternatives are also available.

Even developers with basic programming knowledge can develop attractive website With a responsive design. You can use Dreamweaver to create Bootstrap documents, but you can also modify existing web pages created with Bootstrap.

You can also modify files Bootstrap in Dreamweaver, whether completed or still in the design stage. This allows you to edit your code directly or refine it using the visual editing features.

In short, it is a modular solution but still requires some basic technical knowledge.

Create Responsive Website in HTML

Building a responsive site can also go through Complete website coding in HTML and CSS, Unlike other solutions, this option requires more advanced technical knowledge in programming.

The HTML language will allow you to create the content of your site. In other words, you’ll have the pages structured the way you want them to be presented and understandable. crawlers also called sequencing robot, These robots used by search engines will index your site’s content so that it appears in the results.

HTML relies on a syntax called markup. It is thanks to all these tags that it is possible to manage the content of a responsive website. code in html Can be easily done through a traditional word processor. Then save the file with .html extension and open it. Your page will then open in your browser with the coding you provided for your content.

In addition to HTML, CSS will define the shape and graphical aspect. Thus, you can choose the font or color and design you want to bring to your pages and suit your image. So it is more oriented on appearance by doing integration between HTML tags.

advantage of css Simplify HTML Code, As a result, it improves page loading times, a fundamental concept in a responsive website.

Even though they are very close, HTML and CSS are different and therefore two complementary languages ​​for building a responsive website,


As you must have understood that there are many Solutions for building a responsive website, Whatever you adopt, building a responsive website is primarily based on a well established, structured and successful project. Furthermore, building a responsive website requires minimal knowledge so that your site perfectly matches your expectations and achieves the goal you set for yourself.

In this direction, Offers you the possibility to submit a project for free and hand it over to an independent web developer, experienced in building responsive sites. High quality support to guarantee success in your goals!

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