How to deal with a specific need for skills?

It may happen that the life of a company is interrupted by the occasional peak of activity. These can be seasonal or completely unpredictable. Either way, it’s important to adapt to meet the new challenges ahead.

In this sense, you may need a new skill as long as it takes time to normalize. If you are an SME, learn how to tackle this one-time skill requirement.

Virtual Assistance, a key asset for SMEs

Ale’virtual aid Have the service of a professional at home who lets you leverage their expertise in a specific area. In other words, a virtual assistant is someone who works outside your premises and intervenes towards improving the activities of your company.

How do I Find a Qualified Virtual Assistant?

Some professionals offer their services as virtual assistants. The concern for your SME will not be about finding a virtual assistant, but finding one who knows how to meet your needs. For this, you can browse specific platforms in the field. They save you the search process and take care of finding your rare pearl.

The more efficient the search method, the more satisfied you are with the profile offered to you. According to it is possible to conduct research based on artificial intelligence technology so that Hiring an Outsourced Employee,

In addition, giving as much detail as possible to the profile sought may facilitate the selection. In fact, it is possible to find virtual assistant to help you :

  • In your business prospecting,
  • With your customer relations,
  • To optimize administrative functions,
  • Or to manage invoices.

There are lots of possibilities. By detailing the profile you are looking for, you are orienting the search properly.

How does virtual aid work?

Once ideal profile Found, you can do this in a number of ways. Virtual assistants can be hired full time or part time depending on your needs. This parameter must be explicitly defined through the contract. It may be a CDI if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​how long or how long it will take for your activity level to stabilize.

It is also possible that the latter will help you without any obligation. If you find a virtual assistant through any platform, these details will be fully taken care of by the platform.

Some sites even take care of training your virtual assistant and provide that necessary ingredients to your work. To do this, they often provide workstations Well equipped, allowing your employees to work for your company with complete peace of mind.

What are the benefits of virtual assistance?

Using virtual assistance saves you money. You benefit from a variety of expertise without increasing your budget. In addition, virtual assistance saves you time. It also gives you the possibility to search different profiles.

Virtual Aid: Start the Recruitment Process

To meet your specific need for skills, you can also use the most obvious method: recruiting. By recruiting, you integrate new members into your teams during the time needed. To make it clear, you have to choose the most suitable recruitment options.


turn to you CDD Recruitment is a great idea. This way, your new employee knows in advance how long they will be working at your company. To give yourself a certain margin, you can create a CDD renewable, I fat first contract periodYour requirement still exists, all you have to do is renew it with your employee’s agreement.

Depending on what is defined in the CDD contract and your needs, the new member of your team may work full-time or part-time. However, you need to be careful in preparing your contract, as CDDs are one of the most supervised types of contracts.


Except for recruitment on fixed term contracts, that interim It is very beneficial for you too. In addition to allowing you to meet your ad-hoc needs, temporary work is more flexible, Like a CDD contract, an interim contract is also defined for a limited period of time.


Intervention of an employment agency

no one stops you from directing you hiring process Self. However, you have the option of entrusting the work to experts like employment agencies. This option is the best for various reasons. An employment agency frees you from all the follow-up action required for the recruitment process.

It takes care of finding, based on your needs qualified people and subject them to various tests. Also, with an employment agency, your recruitment will be much faster. This will save you lot of time. Also, if you are planning to be hired on an interim basis, using such an agency is more than recommended. It will facilitate administrative procedures and fulfillment of contracts.

With an employment agency, an interim contract is made up of two separate contracts. first a mission contract Which binds the temporary employee to the agency. It contains all the details about temporary work in your company.

Details like hours, remuneration and work center are clearly defined there. Second, the second contract that links you to the employment agency. The Provisioning Agreement obliges you to maintain your commitments to the Agency and vice versa.

All such contracts allow you to settle the concerns of your personnel on an ad-hoc basis. Then you will be able to achieve your goals effectively. However, it is recommended that you pay attention to the mode of recruitment. You will need to install at least three condition level, This will allow you to choose the profiles that best meet your expectations.

Lastly, you must ensure that the clauses of the contracts you sign in this context are properly executed. Then you will be able to continue your activities under the best conditions.

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