How do candidates assess potential employers?

If you are a business owner, you definitely want to take advantage of the best resources and best skills to complete your project.

But, have you ever wondered what attracts the most talented candidates to one company as compared to another?

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What Makes an Employer Attractive

First, let’s look at the factors that determine an employer’s attractiveness.

There are various criteria in order of importance:

  • attractive remuneration : Not surprisingly, the salary appears in the first place in the answer.
  • work life balance : An increasingly important consideration for employees. The goal is to achieve fulfillment in both the private and business sectors.
  • promotion prospects : The fact of achieving the goal, along with the potential for growth, greatly influences the motivation of the employees.
  • a collaborative environment Teamwork: Teamwork allows you to share your skills, learn from others, and build social connections. These are all elements that are vital to the well being of an employee.
  • formation continues : Integrating the company should not mean stopping training. Conversely, having the opportunity to continue training while on the job is a major asset. It is a testament to the consideration on the part of the company towards the person it recruits and a personal prosperity to the employee.
  • A fun and stimulating corporate culture : Extra inspiration. We can’t repeat this enough, but framework is a key element of employee well-being. Making your employees feel good in their workplace means encouraging them to give their best.

What prevents candidates from joining the company

Framework can affect a company’s willingness to join in a positive way, but also in a negative way. Some criteria for potential candidates can be discouraging, even block them:

  • excessive turnover in society, Many companies use this mode of operation for economic or practical reasons. However, employees may experience drawbacks: complexity in establishing relationships, lack of consistency, etc.
  • Frequent changes in management


Note that lack of workforce growth, lack of access to the latest technologies or inability to react to market trends are also negative factors.

How do candidates rate an employer?

To assess a potential employer, candidates rely on a variety of sources. Here’s something.

1. Employee recommendations and sites that collect reviews on companies

Whether through word of mouth or reviews left on the platform, recommendation is an important factor for a person looking for a job.

Getting feedback from people who have joined the company is always an interesting element to get an idea. Plus, if a trusted person recommends a business to you, chances are you’ll be interested in that.

2. Company Website

Your website is an essential showcase for your image. Candidates will be able to find there all information related to the company.

The professionalism of the company can also be felt beyond what is written. So it is important for both the customers and the potential candidates to take care of the image provided by its website.

3. Company interference in the media

Once again, it’s a question of image. Positive visibility in a medium can generate interest in a business and increase its credibility.

4. Social Networks

A company’s empathy is also measured on social networks. Community managers have a fundamental role in discussions and exchanges with clients and candidates.

5. Company’s Marketing Tools

Careful communication is a fundamental criterion for being attractive to potential candidates. Marketing tools are then needed to create and generate interest in the company.

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Importance of the Interview in Evaluating an Employer

A job interview is a very important step in the recruitment process for both employer and employee.

For the latter, interviews are seen as a good way to assess company culture.

Think about it

The interview is the first approach for the candidate, but also for you, as an employer. You can take this opportunity to analyze your candidate and consider whether or not to work with him or her.


Job seekers place great importance on work-life balance as well as salary and career prospects.

In addition, companies with high turnover – whether among employees or at the management level – are considered poor and are avoided by candidates. They use a variety of means to find out and assess employers: they rely exclusively on the opinions of current employees, but also on company websites and online opinion platforms.

As an employer, you are interested in giving your employees a good image and providing them with a pleasant work environment. It is they who, later, will be your best ambassadors, and who will be able to positively influence your potential candidates.

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