Digital Safes, Security First

Faced with computer problems that threaten companies, their reflex is to protect their professional documents in digital safes. Leaders Know That No One Is Safe From Computer Problems, They know that data loss or system corruption by a virus is not just for others. How to do ?

digital safe ,

it is An online service for storing sensitive data and documents. it happens over time You decide. It allows a company Dematerialize and secure the storage of documents related to their business activities.

Who has access to the digital vault?

Access to the Vault is personalized. Thus, documents are accessible only to one person, not to all other colleagues or a team. So each user has their own personal password., Thus, this access management ensures the security and confidentiality of the stored documents.

What does the decree say?

1er January 2019, a decree set the conditions so that users of electronic vaults can recover their data without difficulty. Digital secure services have become valuable tools with dematerialization. That’s why HR uses them for multiple tasks (Dematerialization of Pay Slips), Banks (Incoming Open-Banking to Aggregate Invoices). This decree sets the rules for the reversibility ie recovery of the submitted data.

How to do ?

The applicant can retrieve them electronically by a single request. The operator must take necessary precautions for recovery to take place “complete, integral and [réalisée] within a reasonable time” according to the decree.

Furthermore, the data will be returned either in its original form or in a “Open, structured, commonly used electronic format, easily reusable and usable by automated data processing systems”,

This format should be clearly explained when the initial contract is concluded and the information readily accessible. The contract should also specify the conditions under which the data can be changed. Finally, reversibility must be guaranteed for twelve months in the event of termination of service.

Why Secure Digital?

Companies are concerned about the digital preservation of documents. Indeed, professional computers can suffer from data loss, contamination of systems by viruses, theft of computer equipment, or disasters. These cause the key to be put under the door due to the loss of their data. Losing your files means losing your customers, among other things. Therefore it is important to develop outsourced solutions for the security of information and documents. Thus, relating to banks and insurance as well as administrative documents such as pay slips, contracts and invoices, official papers, rent receipts etc.

But how to choose a platform?

Platforms that provide digital secure service are plentiful. However, it is advised to choose a secure solution with a trusted and recognized service provider. You should pay attention to the variety of accepted formats, the presence of a powerful search tool or the process of filing documents. To select a service provider, contact your accountant or your banker. The service should be scalable and without storage size limits.

The digital vault provides the customer with access to their documents whenever they want. He can view or print them from a computer connected to the Internet, wherever he is. During the term of the Agreement, the User may exercise his right to recover data and documents at any time and free of charge, without any restrictions as to the number of recovery operations.

Reference standard for a suitable electronic safe

There are standards that allow you to safely choose a safe. Before choosing it check that it adheres to the following standards:

  • NFZ42-020 standard
  • ISO27001 certification
  • Standard NF Z42-026
  • Standard NF42-025 ,
  • AFNOR NF 203 Certification
  • EIDAS Standard
  • SIAF approval

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