Benefits of Veg Portage: Why Take the Plunge?

In 2025, the workforce should exceed 500,000. cause? The benefits of wage portage are attracting more and more freelancers.

Indeed, this form of hybrid employment combines the benefits of a freelance position with that of salaried employment. Inevitably, it is of interest to more and more self-employed workers…

As a reminder, pay portage includes finding customers and completing missions while affiliated with a portage company. The latter takes care of the administrative part of the service by setting up and then archiving the invoice. It’s all against the management fee that it deducts from the employee’s income.

The latter, for its part, can claim the minimum wage guaranteed by the umbrella company, even in the event of a decline in activity. Rather tempting, isn’t it?

Not only that, here are 10 main benefits of Veg Portage!

Less administrative management, more productivity

Freelancers devote 23% of their working time to administrative activities. If you work 40 hours a week, that means you spend 9.2 hours a week on paperwork. It’s more than a full day’s work in doing boring, unprofitable tasks.

It starts with building your business. In addition to choosing the legal status that suits your activity, you will need to collect the necessary documents.

After the creation process, you become your own accountant and secretary. In addition to prospecting with customers, you must keep accounts, send invoices on time and follow up on any unpaid bills. In order not to risk penalties from the tax administration, you need to make periodic contributions, pay VAT, declare your business and register your accounts annually. tedious, isn’t it?

Putting all these tasks together reduces your productivity…

With Veg Portage, you free yourself from all this administrative work. It is the umbrella company that drafts contracts for each service, sends out invoices and reminds the customer in case of late payments. It also takes care of your tax declarations (Social Security contributions, VAT, taxes, etc.).

Thus, you dedicate maximum time to your trading.

Social Security Eligible for an Employee

One of the main benefits of pay portage? social Security !

To become a salaried employee, you sign a fixed-term or indefinite-term employment contract. This actually makes you eligible for advanced Social Security coverage.

In addition to health insurance, family allowances, training entitlements, you are entitled to unemployment insurance and return to employment assistance in the event of loss of activity. For 2 years, you can claim a maximum of €256.96 gross per day. The amount, as well as the duration of this compensation, will be determined by your last salary and contribution period.

In the course of your activity, you also contribute to the supplementary pension, which is more beneficial than the basic pension. To claim this right, the self-employed must first pay themselves a salary or earn between €9,120 and €12,304 per year.

That’s not everything! With salaried employee status, you benefit from Professional Civil Liability Insurance (RCP). So you are safe in case of litigation or accidents during the performance of your mission. This covers, for example, intellectual security conflicts, damage caused while traveling with a customer, or cyber security risks.

You are also entitled to 2.5 days of paid leave per month, so that occasionally a little welcome rest!

Financial security, an important advantage of wage portage

The employee gets minimum wage every month. Same is the case for Worn Independent! This is an important advantage of pay portage.

For this, you are not affected by late payments, unpaid bills and above all, lack of missions.

From the first month of your activity, you can claim the minimum wage. No need to provide working capital to cover off-peak periods.

By law, the wage portage company is required to guarantee you a minimum monthly remuneration which is as follows:

  • 70 to 85% of the monthly Social Security limit, ie €2,568 gross in 2022.
  • 10% of gross pay as job insecurity bonus.
  • 10% of the previous mission’s remuneration as compensation for losses between two missions.
  • The 5% represent a business contribution allowance that rewards prospecting and mission preparation time.

Even if you go a whole month without a mission, Porterage Company has your back. Actually, every month, it deducts a financial reserve from your monthly business. It uses the reserve amount to pay you when you execute fewer missions.

reimbursement of your professional expenses

Some companies provide an online space or an application for you to declare your personal expenses and upload your receipts. You can easily request reimbursement for expenses incurred during a mission: food costs, specific material purchases or transportation costs, for example.

You can also deduct all expenses necessary to properly complete your mission, such as the purchase of computers, smartphones, office furniture, equipment, software, or office supplies.

As a reminder, micro-entrepreneur status does not authorize the declaration of expense reports, and therefore the deduction of your professional expenses.

easy access to bank loans

As a salary portage employee, you benefit from an employment contract and payment slip. Valuable documents that facilitate availing bank loans. Like other independent positions, with the correct balance sheet, 3 years of seniority is not required.

So if you have a real estate project or are looking to replace your car, you will appreciate this benefit of wedge portage!

This property is also valid if you want to rent a property. Landlords will be more inclined to take on tenants with permanent contracts, even if it is a portage contract.

maintain its independent autonomy

While wage portage borrows several advantages from wage labour, it also offers the autonomy that freelancing has dearly. From the missions to be done at the workplace to the schedule, it’s up to you!

There is no employer-employee relationship in pay portage. The customers you win are yours, no matter what the situation. Even if you decide to change the umbrella company or position, you still keep your customers.

However, the difference with other positions is in the support. Although independent, Portage Company dedicates you a consultant. You can ask them for advice on how to grow your business. If necessary, he or she can also assist you with prospecting or pricing your missions.

Easily outsource part of the assignment

Is your business growing? Need help managing your customers? You can easily subcontract some or all of your missions when you’re on wedge portage. And of course, you will be free from red tape during the process.

If you choose internal subcontracting, that is, if you delegate to a freelancer from the same portage company, you will have no apothecary calculations to do! The latter invoices the total mission to the customer, then takes care of sharing the remuneration between you and the subcontractor according to the terms you specify.

If you delegate to an outside freelancer, it is always the umbrella company that manages the billing to the end client. The subcontractor must send her your invoice and she will take care of paying it, then deduct it from your service.

Access to professional workshops and events

Most umbrella companies organize networking sessions to allow you to meet other freelancers. It is an opportunity for freelancers to break the typical loneliness and make new contacts. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss with entrepreneurs, but also an opportunity to find prospects or potential partners.

In addition, wedge portage companies set up training workshops. They ask registered freelancers to organize training, conference or debate on their profession. It allows you to expand your knowledge and skills.

a solid and professional image

Another benefit of wedge portage relates to the image sent back to your prospects. Working within a professional and established structure assures potential clients. This shows that your activity is solid, that you already have several missions, which immediately create the impression of credibility.

Thanks to this belief effect, you can convert your prospects more easily.

VIP Benefits of Veg Portage

Beyond the requirements provided by law on salary portage companies, they do not hesitate to offer other benefits to attract more self-employed people.

As such, it is not uncommon to find a company that offers:

  • a company car
  • Gift Certificates and Culture
  • Benefits of Works Council
  • Universal Service Employment Voucher (CESU)
  • meal voucher
  • Various and Miscellaneous Vouchers
  • Discounts on flights, hotels or entire trips

For example, some companies also offer savings plans within their reach to build a portfolio of real estate securities. Others offer a portion of shares to reward the oldest employees.

our tip

The advantages of wage portage make it an ideal position to facilitate your transition from employee to self-employment, or to promote your project. However, to take full advantage of its benefits, make sure you select a reputed PEO company.

The proposed management fee should be acceptable (around 10%) and completely transparent. Remember to consult the comments of other freelancers or follow up on the Portage company’s site. This will allow you to know your remuneration.

When you are registered, you can start your first mission. To do this, register on Coder. Every day, new offers are posted by project leaders looking for specific information!

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