Become a skilled masseur. Tips and Responsibilities in 2022

One in five French people will pass through from time to time. Today there are about 26,000 establishments and 46,000 employees in the field of wellness massage. Being a masseur is accessible to everyone and we’ll show you how.

Definition: What is Wellness Massage?

Wellness massage is a non-medical treatment that aims to relax the body and create a sense of well-being in the client. There are several types of massage such as California, Chinese, Korean or Swedish.

Health massage can be practiced in different places:

  • Institute;
  • massage center;
  • House ;
  • in private practice;
  • in customers’ homes;
  • in a leisure center;
  • In the spa…

Be careful not to confuse the masseur and the physiotherapist. The profession of physiotherapist requires a diploma, unlike wellness massage, which can be practical after training.

What are the conditions to practice as a Wellbeing Massager?

If you practice at a center or for a company, you may receive employee status. You can also choose to form your own company. For this you have to choose a status. You have the choice between these different situations:

Before choosing your position, find out about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

What are the rules for a good masseuse?

A wellbeing masseur is different from a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are regulated by law and are considered therapeutics.

No diploma or mandatory training is required to become a well-being massager. This is a free exercise. However, we recommend that you train before you start. The training is overseen by two associations:

  • French Federation of Wellness Massage (FFMBE);
  • and the French Federation of Traditional Relaxation Massage (FFMTR).

The role of the Federation is to create a framework for the profession of Wellbeing Massager. The federation validates the training to be followed, but also the practitioners.

It is advisable to follow a 500 hour training course before starting. You can also follow training courses throughout your course. They are also required to work out in certain places like a fitness center or spa.

Training is also a way to reassure your customers and create added value against your competitors.

What are the qualities required to be a good massager?

A good wellness massager is one who instills confidence in their clients. Massaging someone creates a special relationship. This is why you will need to be attentive, patient, sensitive and empathetic.

Your presentation also inspires confidence, you must have a clean and neat attitude and outfit. The patient comes to see you for help, he expects good advice, an open mind and a conscience from you.

You should also be an expert in your field. Good knowledge of body and anatomy is essential. The customer expects you to be rigorous and have technical knowledge.

Remember that a healthy masseuse often exercises while standing. So your physical ability should be good.

Become a Wellness Massager: 4 Tips for Success

Prepare a market study and a business plan

The wellness massage market is a competitive market. Before you start you should analyze your project.

A market study plan, a business plan and a financial plan:

  • Market research is ideal for analyzing your future customers, your workplace and your competition;
  • The business plan is essential for describing your company’s growth, it allows you to write down your objectives and the means to achieve them;
  • Financial plan is a record that predicts your future expenses and future income. Try making a three-year forecast.

Choose a Feature to Stand Out

Wellness massage is a huge field. Contrary to what you might think, mastering all subjects will not make you more professional. You cannot be the best at every style of massage. We advise you to test them and choose the one that you like.

By gaining expertise, you will be able to be more professional in this particular massage. So your customers will have more trust in you. Do not hesitate to develop the specialty you have chosen by offering products accordingly.

Communicate at launch of your activity and take care of your image

The market is very competitive, so you need to stand out. And this is from the beginning of your activity. Take care of your image and communicate your openness. You can do this through various means:

  • Give great importance to word of mouth, talk to your loved ones around you and ask them to talk to themselves;
  • create a website and communicate on social networks;
  • Build a network of prescribers likely to recommend you;
  • Talk about it in the shops near you;
  • Register on the forums near your place of activity…

build customer loyalty

Once you have your first customers, you have to keep them. Capitalize on customer testimonials. You can invite your customers to leave reviews on Google and publish them on your site.

Be careful to maintain a professional image and develop your interpersonal skills in all situations.

What are the other obligations to become a massage therapist?

To become a masseur, you need to open a professional bank account. Before choosing your bank, ask for quotes from several of them.

You should also take out professional indemnity insurance. Be warned, these insurances require proof of training.

questions to ask

How Much is the Salary for a Freelance Massager?

The salary of an independent masseuse varies according to several factors, ranging between 1200 and 1500€ gross per month for starters.

Can one become a Wellbeing Massager without a Diploma?

You can become a Wellbeing Massager without Diploma, but we recommend you to follow the training course.

What is an alternative to a self-employed position for a healthy masseuse?

You don’t need to choose Self Employed Status, you can create your own company.

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