Be a Cashew Delivery Person in 2022

With accessibility, flexibility, autonomy and the possibility to exercise as a freelancer: this is what Quick Business Players offer the most motivated professionals. This is the case of Cashew, a young French start-up specializing in home delivery, by bike and in less than 15 minutes. Are you interested in becoming a Cashew Courier? We explain the process to follow in this article.

Cajoo. a few words about

Launched in February 2021, Cashew is a French start-up specializing in home delivery. This young company is one of the first French companies to be established in this increasingly competitive accelerated business market. Already present in 8 major cities of France, it promises to deliver to the customer in less than 15 minutes.

To do this, it relies on “dark stores,” these warehouses distributed throughout the city that allow delivery people to collect orders and deliver them quickly to customers. Customers order from the application, 7 days a week, Monday through Wednesday from 7 a.m. to midnight, and Thursday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Following a partnership with retail giant Carrefour, the young French company intends to grow its offering in terms of products, but also with customers gradually opening up in France and the rest of Europe.

Who can become a Cashew Delivery Person?


No training is required to get the post of Cashew Delivery Man. Ideally, you should have first-hand professional experience in delivery. Having an A, B or AM license and being comfortable with highway codes are also important to accomplishing your mission.

Again, this type of job is not suitable for everyone and there are several personal qualities you must possess in order to be successful:

  • Be physically active as you will have to deliver by bicycle;
  • Be punctual and have good interpersonal skills in dealing with customers;
  • Be organized, responsive and adaptable to effectively manage your delivery schedule.

Cities served by Cashew

Currently, Cashew is present in 8 cities in France:

  • Greater Paris;
  • Lyons;
  • Marseilles;
  • Montpellier;
  • Lily;
  • Toulouse;
  • Red color;
  • Nantes

To be a cashew delivery person and optimize your working hours, you must live in these cities and ideally be close to one of the cashew warehouses.

After the latest fundraising in 2021, Cashew plans to expand to new French cities. It is also considering opening abroad keeping in mind Belgium, Spain and Italy.

Be a Self Employed Cashew Delivery Driver

create a micro enterprise

To become a cashew delivery person, you need to contact the company through their website or email. If your application is successful, the next step is to create a micro-enterprise to be able to legally exercise your new activity as a self-employed individual.

The process is simple. Simply log on to the website. Here you can register your company for free and thus get your SIREN and SIRET numbers.

nice to know

If you are not comfortable with the legal procedures, service providers offer to create your micro-enterprise for you.

These can be accountants or legal professionals, online or in the office. Some even specialize in micro-enterprises, such as the Porttail de l’Auto-Entrepreneur.

Once your micro-enterprise is created, you will receive the K-Bis extract, which will be requested by Cajou.

Subscribe to Good Insurance

Being a bicycle or motorbike delivery person also means putting yourself at risk. You could hurt yourself, damage your customers’ orders, your bike could be stolen…

If you are an independent cashew delivery person, you must take professional insurance. You can choose a traditional insurance company or opt for online insurance, which is often very competitive. There are also specific contracts for delivery people to obtain professional insurance fully customized for your activity.

open a professional account

To be able to pay by Cashew, you must have a bank account on which Cashew will deposit your income.

As a micro-entrepreneur delivery person, if your turnover exceeds €10,000 per year, you will need to open a bank account dedicated to your business activity. But this account can be a “classic” bank account (ie open to individuals) or a so-called “professional” account. If you receive less than €10,000/year in turnover, you can use your personal account to receive payments from your micro-enterprise. But it is advisable to clearly separate your professional and personal transactions with two separate accounts.

In any case, a bank account for a dedicated auto-entrepreneur for your cashew delivery activity can be done at a traditional bank or an online bank.

The only constraint is to ensure that the bank accepts the status of micro-entrepreneur if you open a personal or professional account for your activity. Some refused to open accounts for micro enterprises.

What are the alternatives to a micro-enterprise to become a cashew delivery person?

To become an independent cashew delivery person, you can opt for a legal form other than a micro enterprise, such as a sole proprietorship, for example. However, you will lose out on the benefits of micro-enterprise, namely the free manufacturing process and the simplicity of manufacturing and management. But your business will no longer be limited!

Cashew also recruits deliverers with permanent contracts. This is a part-time contract of 12h, 18h or 24h per week with flexible hours and spreads over the opening hours of the service.

What are the benefits of becoming a cashew delivery person?

Beyond the flexibility of the schedule, becoming a cashew delivery person gives you a lot of autonomy in managing your business. You manage the organization of your deliveries.

At Cashew, you are invited to deliver by bike. The company is keen to reduce its carbon impact thus providing maintenance service for its distributors to use suitable equipment in good condition. Cashew also provides you other accessories like branded jackets and bags.

nice to know

If one of your customers gives you a tip, this is for you! There is no need to pay in the common fund for all the deliverers. So you are the guarantor of the service you provide to your customers.

What is the salary of cashew delivery man?

The income earned as a cashew delivery person obviously depends on the amount of hours, number of deliveries and schedule. They also differ from city to city.

in self employed

A self-employed cashew delivery person can expect to earn around €2,000 per month. It is their turnover on which they have to make social security contribution amounting to 22%. As a reminder, turnover is limited at €72,600 per year. To take advantage of the VAT exemption, you must not exceed €34,400.


In cashew, the delivery person gets a gross salary of about €1,500 per month.

questions to ask

How to become a cashew delivery person?

You can become a cashew delivery person as a freelancer by creating your own micro-enterprise. Cashew also recruits delivery people on permanent contracts.

How much does a cashew delivery driver earn?

An independent cashew delivery person earns around €2,000 per month. For a Cajou employee, it is necessary to estimate a salary of about €1,500 per month. Remuneration varies by region (especially Paris or province).

In which cities can you become a cashew delivery person?

Cashew is currently present in 8 cities: Grand Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes. The start-up intends to grow rapidly in other cities.

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