How to invest your money well?

The French are disappointed: their savings bring them less and less. This situation is linked to the increase in prices which has been troubling them for more than a year. Many of our compatriots do not do well and do not change the allocation of their assets, despite the misfortune. It is a shame because instead of seeing their savings scale up, they could have invested it in better ways to increase their purchasing power. In contrast, others have found a simple and effective solution to not let their savings go to waste.

Why see his savings sleeping?

Time is the ally of good investors but the worst enemy of bad investors. Slowly but surely, inflation eats away at savers’ money without them even realizing it. Inflation has reached 4.5% in the last twelve months. This equates to a net loss of 90 euros per month for the French who have 24,000 euros in their bank accounts.

Also, wouldn’t it make sense to invest your money in savings products so that you don’t watch your savings go up in smoke?

Which investment should be preferred to invest your savings well?

Leverate A and life insurance contracts in Euro funds offer yields below inflation. So this solution is not the best way to increase purchasing power. It is advisable to invest in the stock market, but beware of the backlash in case of a wrong choice!

Investing your own money in buying a rental apartment used to be a good solution, but it is no longer the case. Between the risks of non-payment, negligence and stringent environmental standards, buying a rental apartment can quickly turn into a tragedy.

Under these conditions, only SCPI investing provides both attractive returns and controlled risk.

Is SCPI Investing the right solution to boost your savings?

SCPI Investments is a real estate savings product that offers regular dividends to its equity shareholders. The money of the latter is invested by the management company through which it acquired its shares of SCPI for the formation of housing stock. The rent paid by the tenants is used to distribute dividends to the partners each month or each quarter.

The best performing SCPIs generate net profit of over 7% per annum without any management constraints. The administrative work is actually performed by the management company.

In the midst of increasing purchasing power and the absence of rental pain, SCPI Investments has integrated the heritage of more than one million French people.

Where and how to invest in SCPI?

SCPI exposure alone can be achieved but is not a good idea. Between reading all the annual reports, all the information bulletins, and all the necessary SCPI simulations, savers don’t immediately buy the best performing SCPI.

To invest in scpi has to go through your bank possibly An attractive idea, but banks only offer their own SCPI. Therefore the choice of scpi is very small to get what you are looking for.

Under these conditions, scpi platform performance is a good idea to invest money in scpi. SCPI options are unlimited, advisors act independently and the price of SCPI shares is not inflated. Even better, these SCPI platforms provide very valuable free services to their customers.

Which scpi platform to choose to invest your money?

After comparing several SCPI platforms, our pick was made, This new type of SCPI platform offers its customers six ready-to-use SCPI portfolios that allow them to pre-chew up the work with their choice of SCPI.

Platform scpi sign All exhibits offer the possibility to purchase SCPI online and to sign membership forms completely electronically. website engineer has also designed an SCPI aggregator, ie a management tool for its SCPI portfolio.

Absolutely, Guarantees the confidentiality of transactions and the protection of documents within each client’s secure account.

What would be an example of a 100,000 Euro SCPI portfolio developed by an advisor from

This SCPI portfolio was developed for a client who recently sold a rental studio for 100,000 Euros. it was formed anne cocaineSenior Advisor , , my client wanted to diversify its SCPI portfolio as much as possible. So I suggested that he invest equally in a diversified European SCPI, a diversified 100% French SCPI and two thematic SCPIs. The returns on this portfolio would allow him to receive around 500 euros net per month. ,

In concrete terms, the above portfolio is first made up of a diversified European SCPI heart of europe scpi and 100% Diversified French SCPI scpi vendome area, There are two thematic SCPI scpi logina logistics and industrial SCPI and scpi gma essentialsAn edible scpi.

Good to know: European SCPIs are tax-efficient because their dividends are not subject to Social Security contributions at a rate of 17.2%.

Savings should be used, this is the principle of the financiers. It must be said that with the current high inflation, it is important to have a roll up its sleeve. Among the investments that lock their savings into gold, SCPI’s performance has been outstanding, with the best of them offering a net yield of around 7% per annum.

In order to make your savings as effective as possible without the slightest risk with the Labor Inspectorate, you should not hesitate to call consultants. scpi sign ,, the next generation SCPI platform.

Getting rich while you sleep is no longer taboo. It is better to put your money to work than to work yourself. It couldn’t be easier to achieve: With SCPI Investing, it is possible to increase your purchasing power without any management hassles. That’s better than complaining about the performance of your life insurance policy in a Euro fund, isn’t it?


Investing in SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of dividends received and preservation of capital. SCPIs are subject to fluctuations in the real estate market.

Before making any decision to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to ensure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, keep in mind the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum holding period that cannot be less than eight years.

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