74% of youth who want to start a business would like to start before the age of 30

CIC and Moovjee, a consortium that helps young people and students under 30 to set up and manage businesses, recently published the first data from the eighth edition of their barometer dedicated to young people and entrepreneurship. With the help of OpinionWay, a French institute for political polls and marketing studies, the two organizations were able to study once again the perception that young people have the right to create or take over businesses. For this, 807 French vocational high schools and students were questioned and it appears that young people have maintained their desire despite the current economic context. However, due to current environmental issues, the image of entrepreneurship is changing with this public and evolving practices.

no time to waste

It is common to see a strong affinity towards entrepreneurship among youth from an early age. This generation is marked by a strong commitment and sensitivity towards environmental issues, which is reflected in their projects and the timelines they follow. Furthermore, in the face of current climate tensions, they wish to implement their ideas as quickly as possible. Therefore, The study highlighted that 74% of young people who want to start a business would like to start before the age of 30 and a similar percentage was announced for those who would like to start during the end of the year or Are planning to set up or take over a business within 5 years. His studies moreover, 26% want to take the plunge during or after their course, These results, which have never been achieved before, demonstrate that today’s youth see entrepreneurship as a real professional path, a far cry from the classic CDI, so coveted until the late 2010s, seen by their slightly older peers. affected by the events. Indeed, a survey by APEC (Association for Employment of Executives) showed that in March 2023, 52% of young executives declared that they could leave the job under certain conditions, or even go to work on account of this. However, young entrepreneurs are not na├»ve and they know that this type of journey has pitfalls. However, despite the difficulties, The fear of undertaking is reduced. In fact, they are 88% likely to cite this fear in 2023, compared to 97% in 2015.

Entrepreneurship yes, but above all no to the detriment of the planet

The search for meaning is what many students seek to find when they envision a professional project where they are independent. Among the main issues, ecology and the fight against global warming come first. Therefore, 33% willing to actively engage against planetary disruption, by selecting a project related to these issues. At the same time, more and more of them understand the role they can play in making a difference. By this point of view “slow entrepreneur”, they seek to turn ecological constraints into opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable future. By acting in this way, it is a way for them not to let themselves be put off by the “eco-concern” that affects younger generations. For him, entrepreneurship should be above social and environmental.

Don’t Dive Into the Deep End of Entrepreneurship Alone

Although the fear of starting entrepreneurship is diminishing, young people value mentoring more and more. Half of the interviewees have heard of mentoring and appreciate the help and advice experienced people can provide. Therefore, 75% expressed willingness to seek mentorship during an entrepreneurial project, compared to 16% in 2021, As a result of this dazzling development comes an awareness of all the benefits a mentor/mentee relationship can provide to people under the age of 30. Tailor-made support, relevant mentorship, confidence, feedback on experiences… these are all benefits that young entrepreneurs can enjoy from this type of programme.

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