6 ways to increase click-through rate in your email

Did you know that the average click-through rate is 14.1%? However, for successful email campaigns it is estimated that this rate should be between 20 and 30%.

If your members don’t click on the link in your email, it’s hard to convert them. So how do you encourage them to visit your link?

search now 6 Techniques You Can Use to Increase the Click-Through Rate in Your Emails ,

1. Identify Effective Ingredients

Before you take any action to increase the click-through rate on your email, you’ll need to review your past campaigns. Start by analyzing the results of the past six months. To help you out, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which email generated the most interest?
  • What responses did you get to transactional emails, marketing offers and newsletters?
  • In your offers and newsletters, which emails had the highest click-through rates?
  • Do your audience click on CTAs contained in images or text?

Before modifying your email it is necessary to compare it with each other to get better results.

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2. Establish a well-established call-to-action

The status of your call-to-action (CTA) plays an important role in the click-through rate. The best placement will be determined by A/B testing. As always, every audience is different! So the idea is to know it to improve the traffic from your newsletters.
However, to get your testing off to the best possible start, apply these basic best practices:

  • Place the CTA on the right side of the text as we read from left to right;
  • Place the call to action above the fold line to attract the attention of readers who won’t scroll through your message content;
  • Place the CTA at the beginning of the email, but also at the bottom. Some recipients will have to read your content before clicking on the link;
  • If your emails are primarily read on mobile, place the call to action in the top left corner to prevent it from being cut out in the frame of some smartphones.

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3. Use Directional Signals

Directional cues direct your prospect’s attention. These include calls to action as well as pictures, videos or customer testimonials. These signals fall into two categories: implicit and explicit.

Inherent landmarks are subtle and often go unnoticed by visitors. They come in the form of white spaces and color contrasts. With white space, your followers have fewer things to focus on and are forced to look around, especially color scenes. By using contrast, you can prompt the reader to pay attention to a particular area.

Clear clues are made up of arrows or buttons. It’s impossible to miss them!

directional sign email

4. Create Urgency With a PS Section

Less than 16% of your customers read your email content word by word; Others just scan them. Be aware that all important information will be at the end, they consult the last lines of your email first.

With a post scriptum section at the bottom of your content, you can summarize your email and create urgency with a highly persuasive message. The urgency factor can be a deadline, a limited number of articles, a gift for first orders … The important thing is to add a link directly after the announcement of the urgency to increase clicks.

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5. Scores with Email Addresses

This technology allows you to get in-depth data about your customers.

Scoring subscribers to your newsletter involves checking each email address in order to be assigned a score. Based on a contact’s level and activity history, you can estimate the likelihood that they will click the link in your email.

A low score indicates that the address is inactive and therefore unlikely to respond. The higher the score, the more you can focus on those contacts and reengage them with targeted campaigns. Result: The click-through rate in your email increases!

Marketing automation tools usually provide a lead scoring system.

6. Use Dynamic Content

With dynamic content, you take the personalization of your emails to another level. You customize the content according to the segmentation of your customers.

As you use personal data, your emails become more effective to the recipient. If you send content that meets their needs, they’ll want to click through. He would like to search for a product, service or blog post that meets his expectations.

The more interesting the content is to your readers, the more likely they are to click through.

Thanks to dynamic content, a well-established CTA, and a well-executed practice, you can get the most out of your campaigns and increase click-through rates. Always remember to analyze your email carefully to locate the links that generate the most traffic. The goal is to refine your campaigns with each new mailing!

our advice

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