7 keys to a successful digital transformation

The digital or digital revolution is no longer a utopia but a reality and the health crisis has forced companies to implement other methods of organizing and acting. Equipping the company with tools for analysis, productivity measurement and software to relieve HRD of some of the tasks that can be automated (pay slips, managing absenteeism, RTT, etc.) don’t have to be done. Deliver tomorrow. The time savings resulting from digital transformation can be invested in the missions required by the company such as communications, R&D or the commercial part. What are the keys to getting there?

Forget the past, look to the future!

The digital revolution goes against the rules established by the company’s founder a century ago. The rules of yesterday are no longer compatible with the functioning of the contemporary structure. The benefits of digital transformation are so obvious that it becomes dangerous to remain in principled positions.

Study all the implications of digital transformation.

Before you can communicate about digital transformation, you need to know how to master it. It is an investment but the returns are immediate. If your arguments are not sharp, quantified, thought-provoked and acted upon, the spark will not work.

Don’t think that things will go off without a hitch.

Whatever its nature and significance, any change in the company, even if it guarantees better functioning, will cause inertia and opposition. The unknown is scary. There is benefit to knowing the current situation, no matter how uncomfortable. To think that all company employees will appreciate the passage of digital metamorphosis remains a utopia, especially if your employee does not master all the subtleties of IT. So you will need to prepare all of your employees for the change.

Be at the forefront!

Even if it means making changes and sharpening the mindset, it is for a project that doesn’t satisfy the minimum or that involves a number of consecutive levels that must be overcome.

Be the first spokesperson of the digital revolution!

With your arguments, by inviting the managers and managers within your framework who have taken the plunge and can best talk about it, your employees will gradually embrace the new ideas. As a business leader, you should be the spokesperson for the digital transformation project and not delegate this responsibility to a single person.

Empower the most motivated employees.

Among employees, some will win over digital transformation, because they have experienced it elsewhere or read many articles related to this topic. These people will be the best local relays so that the project is collective, which remains essential. They will be able to breathe new life into small units. As employees, they are sometimes heard more than management. Assign these responsibilities to the most confident people, they will appreciate this mark of confidence.

Go for it, the future is in front of you!

With a hint of delay, you can miss the boat. Don’t delay decision making to reassure all your employees. The contest may not follow these rules and may take advantage of them to move forward. The digital revolution must be set up at the earliest.

Time saving is a must!

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