6 Tools to Convert Word Files to HTML for Free

Converting a Word file to free HTML makes it easy for you to make it available to Internet users.

Actually, HTML is the standard language used to create web pages, which has its own code and tags. Its purpose is to present your document in a format that can be read by any browser, CMS or device. It’s also an assurance of having content that is well indexed by search engines (even if it’s obviously not the only criterion!).

Normally, when you write an article, you do so through a word processing tool like Word. Then you upload it to your CMS editor. This can cause lag or bugs. So the solution is to convert the Word file to HTML already. How to do ? Which tool to use? We uncover everything for you!

What is HTML?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is used to mark up a document with display instructions. Data structured using these tags tells a browser how to display and interpret its content. It accurately indicates titles, subheadings, links, paragraphs, citations…

Converting a Word file to HTML therefore makes it internet friendly.

However, it should be noted that HTML is not considered a programming language because it cannot create dynamic functionality.

Why Convert Word File to HTML for Free?

Most of the internet users prefer Word to write their content. This world-renowned text editor makes it easy to format a document, change text color, choose a font, adjust word size, and more.

So why would you want to convert a Word file to HTML for free?

for web submission

Many online processes only accept documents made from HTML code. Whether it’s submitting an article to a third-party platform, updating your profile on certain sites or social networks, submitting text to an online directory, etc.

You need to convert your word file to HTML before submitting.

for your website or blog

A Word file without HTML coding is just plain text with visual formatting. As soon as it has to be read by a browser, it becomes unattractive if it has not been formatted before.

Regardless of which CMS you use to manage your showcase site, your blog or your e-commerce, you will need to convert text to HTML. Most solutions offer an editor that does this formatting automatically. However, there may be offsets that you will have to correct by hand.

By uploading HTML text directly, you save time while reducing the risk of error or bugs.

To make life easier for your customers

If you’re a web editor, rendering content directly in HTML makes your clients’ lives easier. Your article is immediately usable and ready to be uploaded to their website, emailing tool, application, or any other web interface. This is a “plus” for your business, which can increase customer satisfaction!

How to prepare and convert Word file to HTML correctly?

Microsoft Word existed before the widespread use of HTML. It saves the documents in its own format. You can’t just paste Word content into a web page. It will be presented differently in Internet browsers.

Microsoft’s text editor, on the other hand, includes a handy feature for pre-formatting your content: Styles.

In the “Home” menu, the “Style” section allows you to structure your text. When you pass it through a conversion tool, 80% of the HTML formatting will have already been done.

Here are the best practices to follow when pre-formatting your content:

  • Select the “Normal” word style to identify the paragraph.
  • Use the “Heading 1” style for H1 tags.
  • For H2, H3, H4 tags… use the “Heading 2”, “Heading 3”, “Heading 4” styles.
  • Use bold and italics to highlight important keywords or tips.
  • Insert links directly into a Word document.
  • Use the “citation” style if you’re citing an author, an article on the law, or anything copied from another source.
  • Use a single line break (don’t press the “ENTER” key twice on your keyboard) to start a new paragraph.
  • Use numbered lists and bulleted lists in Word, they will be recognized by HTML tools.
  • Do not use the color options in Word because, unlike lists, they are not recognized by the conversion tool.

6 Tools to Convert Word Files to HTML Free

To make it easy to convert your Word file to HTML, there are many free tools. Here’s our top 6!


It’s harder to be easier to use than WordHTML! You visit the site, then you paste your file into a dedicated Word editor. You can also write it directly in it. However, it may not be very ergonomic…

The options available are similar to all word processing applications, allowing you to edit your content and format it if you haven’t done so directly in Word. You have the option to apply a title, font style, color, and even add a table if you wish.

Once you are ready to convert your content, select the HTML tab. You can clean up the code if you want, to remove:

  • inline element
  • classes and ids
  • Tags with blank tags or spaces
  • accent encoding

WordHTML also allows you to compress HTML code to lighten the content and optimize the loading time of your web pages.


2. Conversion

Like WordHTML, Convertio is an online tool to convert a Word file to HTML for free. Unlike before, it doesn’t include a text editor.

To convert your Word file with this tool, you’ll need to upload it to your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or via URL. The converted document is then available for download.

Its strong point: a Chrome extension for more quickly converting your Word documents to HTML from a file saved in Google Docs or Dropbox.

If Convertio offers a free plan, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid version if the file to be formatted is larger than 100MB.

To ensure the safety of your files, they are deleted from their servers after 24 hours. The downloads are encrypted, the data for each job is segregated to prevent any information from falling into the hands of hackers.


3. Word to HTML

Word to HTML works like WordHTML. It has an editor that allows you to enter, paste or modify text and convert it. You also have the option to clean and minify the HTML code. Beyond the conversion function, this tool allows you to host and insert an image into your content.

The uniqueness of Word to HTML is the option to write an Amazon-friendly product description. You can also add your own JavaScript code to get a custom HTML file.

Word to HTML also provides a Windows module that allows you to:

  • Bulk convert multiple documents.
  • Specify the look and feel of changed web pages with a custom template. This could be a template that you are already using for your current website, making it easy and fast to convert.
  • Divide a Word document into multiple web pages based on their logical sections.
  • Increase your productivity by using a Word document as a single source for distributing information online. Whenever your information changes, all you have to do is modify the Word document and the web pages are automatically generated.

word to html

4. Zamzari

On Zamzar, you upload your Word file via your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, then you get an HTML file that you can use on your website. You also have the option of adding a document from a URL.

To save time during the process of converting a Word file to Free HTML, Zamzar offers to receive the document by email when formatting is completed.

Another interesting option: download software for the desktop. It saves you from searching the website every timeā€¦

Like Convertio, the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed on Zamzar. All files (uploads and downloads) are completely deleted from the server after 24 hours.

As long as you respect the maximum file size, you can perform an unlimited number of conversions per day. You can even convert multiple documents at once to save time!


5. Word2CleanHTML

Basic but effective, Word2CleanHTML allows you to convert any Word file to HTML for free in just a few clicks!

A lightweight interface and a choice: Paste your content and get a clean HTML file to use on your web pages. To minify the code or customize it to suit your needs, you can also set:

  • remove blank paragraphs
  • From And From convert to tag
  • Replacing non-ascii with HTML entities
  • ascii to special characters. replace with
  • Indentation with tabs instead of spaces
  • replacement of unbroken places


6. Doxillion Document Converter Software

Unlike the other tools mentioned above, Doxillion is software that requires installation to convert Word files to HTML. Developed by NCH Software Company, it integrates drag and drop function and allows to convert thousands of documents at the same time. This is a real productivity advantage for companies with a lot of content to format.

Its interface is simple, which makes it easy to use. Doxilion delivers fast performance, even with large files. You can also plan the conversion of your documents and launch the software at different times through Windows Task Manager.

Doxilion Document Converter Software is freeware with trial functions available for a limited time. At the end of this period, you will have to pay $16.97 for the Personal Edition and $19.99 for the Enterprise Edition.

Doxillion Document Converter Software

our tip

Converting a Word file to Free HTML requires prior preparation. Remember to format it with Word or directly in the tool’s editor. You will save valuable minutes when converting.

And if you need help formatting your documents, creating content, or improving the usability of your website, post an ad on Codeur.com. Our freelancers will be happy to help you!

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