5 benefits of mobile apps for your business

These small devices are now a part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally, especially through mobile applications.

What is Mobile App?

A mobile application is a program that is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. It can be free or paid. They adapt to smartphones and their constraints. (ergonomics, etc.) They provide the possibility of easy access to websites and related services.

Today most of the time people spend on their cell phones which is spent on apps. This mobile tool can be used for many purposes, including management of a service or commercial space, marketing strategies, communications and advertising. It is also used by and for the employees of the company.

What is Mobile Employee App?

Corporate mobile applications have been developed with the aim of improving the internal communication of the company. It is sometimes used as an internal tool, but also to communicate more quickly and fluidly to all employees of the structure. Its goal is to increase the productivity of the employees.

Here are 2 examples of their use:

  • It connects field workers with each other and with the administration of the company through an intranet. This allows them to receive up-to-date information in real time.
  • It’s the same principle for salespeople who are often outside the head office. This allows them to always access updated information from the device they always have with them: their phone.

Features for your business mobile app.

In this paragraph, blogbusiness.xyz gives you some features to set up for your company’s mobile applications.

A mobile platform, i.e. a website configured for smartphone or tablet formats and downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. This allows all of your employees to access information in a more fluid way.

  • customizing an application Mobile to highlight your brand identity and engage them for more usage. This can be done by adding a logo, putting the application in the colors of the company…
  • Add a cat. Very popular with users, it allows you to connect to share simple information or even more sensitive data in real life and keep writing for a trace later if necessary.
  • instant messaging To quickly deliver information to a specific person. When you are in a place where talking is not easy, often replaces the call.
  • sending notifications Which is a system of sending instant information to the whole company.
  • structures for employees. This is one way to encourage the commitment of your employees. Provide training to your employees through intranet. They can register directly with the application and as an employer you can follow their progress.
  • module for training Employees can be placed online to follow training directly on their smartphone or tablet. This can include documents, videos…
  • set up surveys among employees. Measure your employee satisfaction, through your business application. This is an opportunity to share ideas, collect information from them like potential needs. If you want your employees to participate freely, consider making it anonymous.
  • to append business directory, Thanks to this function, employees will have access to all contacts of the company. This saves time when you are away from the office. It is also a good way to get to know the different people working within the services. In this way employees can contact someone other than their own in a team or department. Consider making a “trombinoscope” so people can recognize each other.
  • Submit FAQ There are recurring questions about the company or its operations that can waste a lot of time, mainly in the human resources department. FAQs are great for questions.
  • install dashboard Vendors, this can help establish a little competition internally. However, be careful, don’t set up a system that creates tension and demotivation due to competition. It should remain rooted in a friendly role. It is also a way to promote them.
  • Don’t forget the “Search” function. If you spend too much time looking for something, there’s no point in setting up an app. So this function allows your employees to get directly where they want and in a short amount of time.
  • Your application c. should beCompatible with iOS and Android devices, This is an effective way to allow your employees to use your equipment. They are used to it and it will become easier to handle. However, keep in mind the “right to disconnect” which is one of the principles of our Labor Code.
  • make the journey unique By setting up authentication. With this function, your employees can log in using an account in their own name.
  • If you are an international company, remember to keep Your application in multilingual. Your employees may be of different nationalities and be more comfortable with their native language. That’s a plus comfort for bringing your employees.
  • Another important element, Here is the team calendar, This allows everyone to know what they need to do, to monitor their progress and to know the schedule as well as the tasks to be done and what your employees have already done. It’s also a way to be notified in real time of the progress of your projects.

5 tangible benefits for your business

These softwares are multiplying and their usefulness to manage your daily life is more and more evident. For this, any company should ask itself the following question: Should we launch a mobile application? There is no clear answer and the decision to develop an app should be carefully considered…

However, there are several good reasons why you should consider building a mobile app.

Privileged interaction with your customers

Thanks to the smartphone application, there is no need for an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers.
Unlike the Internet or social networks, which place you in constant competition with other players in your field of activity, Mobile application provides privileged interaction with your customers,
Depending on its nature, the application can also be a gateway to your prospects. By knowing how to be useful, you motivate potential customers to learn more about you and use your paid services.

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cost effective marketing

No more expensive advertising through traditional communication channels or 4 x 3 signs displayed on the streets:
Mobile marketing also allows small businesses to promote themselves without investing huge sums of money in it.
As intimate as word-of-mouth, and as effective as a mass marketing campaign, the development of a mobile application reaches a broad target audience, while remaining financially and technically accessible: without developers having to generate an application. is also possible.

a better understood main goal

Purpose of mobile application a. Is Potential customers are already targeted and known,
By respecting the code of the mobile application (updated information, regular and concise push notifications, development of new features, etc.), you will certainly attract the attention of your prospects.
And an interested and captivated customer has every chance of becoming an attractive customer who makes a purchase or renews it.

presence without intrusion

A smartphone application is consulted as soon as the user feels the need. He can choose to receive notifications, but it is not mandatory.
Because of which, Mobile users don’t even see this software as a marketing tool,
This method of communication and loyalty is not meant to be intrusive in the life of the customer, it only brings added value. So the user’s perception of your company is positive.
At the same time, You strengthen their confidence in your business,
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a development that has become necessary

We do not teach you anything: social networks and mobile applications have become real references in terms of information and communication.
By developing a mobile application related to your business, you show that you are trendy, that you know how to adapt to the lifestyle of your customers.
Indirectly, it affects the image of your company: you become a brand. modernable to answer new consumer needs,
To stay on the forefront of fashion, also consider Progressive Web Apps, a new generation of apps that require no installation.

our tip

We could have added a 6ᵉ profit to this list, but we are going to give you a tip…

The ease of developing a personalized mobile application perfectly adapted to your needs… It is possible to use the application to create an application for your business. we chose:

good hairdresser

GoodBarber is a well made application. It’s easiest to use to build your custom applications. Some use it to grow their e-commerce and make shopping easier while others use it to manage projects and offer content.


Swiftic is a software that allows you to design applications. The interface is intuitive and simple and can be used by everyone, even beginners! It is aimed at companies as well as individuals. A huge choice of customization is offered and gives you the possibility to customize it to your field of activity. On the other hand, you will get a huge amount of features that help the users to enjoy using it.

Also find our model of specifications for a mobile app to frame your project.

As you have understood, setting up an application for your business makes it possible to optimize project management processes. It is also likely to favor all opportunities for improved productivity and better return on investment. The benefits of mobile business applications are numerous and accessible to all.

However, you may lack the time to make it yourself. It should be remembered that an application designed by a professional will certainly have a better chance of being customized to fulfill its role.

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