6 tips to work well abroad

Enjoy more freedom associated with your free position: switch to digital nomad mode! You can go on a trip and continue to practice your profession…provided you are fully organized.

Make way for 6 Tips for Working Well Abroad.

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1. A good internet connection

A reliable internet connection is essential to be able to work and communicate with your customers. When choosing your accommodation, make sure it has WiFi. Check out reviews and comments to make sure your future resort has a name-worthy connection.

Consider nearby Wi-Fi points too! If you want a change of scenery, prefer a cafe or restaurant that offers connections.

2. Expertise in Contingency Management

Going on a trip means giving up all your habits. Even if you have thought everything through, there will always be unforeseen circumstances. That’s what makes the beauty of a trip!

Internet connection is less than expected, power failure or urgent request from the customer … How to respond? Communication is always the key!

Let them know that you are moving on at the moment and that you are facing some difficulties. They will understand you. But be careful: get your work done quickly and don’t abuse their patience.

A little trick to make up for power cuts: Provide a portable battery!

3. Controlling Jet Lag

Most customers do not care whether you are in France, the Bahamas or Beijing. They ask for only one thing: that the job be done well and on time!

However, customers also like that you are available, so sync your watch! Try to have a common window with your clients’ time zones (at least 4 hours) to make appointments.

Time Zone

4. Connect with people around you

What about prospecting? How to find new customers when you have left your country of origin?

Nothing forces you to break away from your old knowledge. Friends, former colleagues, your spouse’s colleagues, family… Tell them about your search for clients. You never know: someone they know may need your services.

However, don’t forget about your immediate circle, who are traveling with you. Talk to people you meet at your hotel, in stores, about your skills and services.

Tip: When traveling, choose business hotels. They are full of opportunities for your business.

5. Expands a Professional Network

A professional network is maintained and expanded over time. Always stay in touch with your former colleagues, your former employers, your suppliers…

A birthday, new year, back to school… any occasion is good to remind you of their lovely memories.

However, don’t forget that new country = new opportunities! Are there any associations of entrepreneurs in your new destination? Which trade shows and professional events can you go to?

Take advantage of your journey to build new links and build local partnerships.

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6. Trust the Paper

A notebook is more reliable than Trello when you travel! Imagine you are in a place with no internet connection or you want to take advantage of traveling by train to work: How will you know your schedule?

Answer: By choosing paper diary!

You can save sources and documents to your tablet or smartphone so they can be easily found, even without Wifi. When choosing a digital tool, make sure it has an “offline” mode.

The key is to anticipate the times when you won’t have internet so that the deadline can still be respected.

Do you also want to freelance abroad? very good idea ! The recipe for success is simple: good upstream organization and great adaptability!

And to find customers in France and abroad, you can register at Codeur.com. Every day more than a hundred clients are looking for a freelance provider on the platform.

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