6 Tips to Follow Before Moving to Another Place

The more your business grows, the more space your team will need. With constant development, you will need to move your offices so that your team is comfortable… and new people can settle in!

However, relocating a business can sometimes be complicated and costly. You need to determine the right route and think ahead before expanding your space.

Here are 6 tips that will help you make the right choice when moving to a new location for your business.

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1. Ask yourself, “When is the right time?”

Obviously when you start getting taller, the need for bigger space becomes urgent.

But is this the right time? As long as you deal with the clutter and distractions, the answer is ‘yes’. When clutter continues to mount and space is no longer boosting your employees’ productivity, it’s time to consider a move.

2. Plan the move

To better manage the transition to the new location, think about the transformation of your premises in advance.

Remember to anticipate all the unexpected. Take your time and consider all the needs of the business and employees. Plan your growth rate before deciding on facility size and location.

Take into account the storage of equipment and the number of new employees you will need in the future.

3. Think about your team

Don’t just follow the trend, see what’s best for your employees:

  • Open Plan Offices may be popular, but are they right for your team?
  • How can your business adapt to this growth?
  • What changes do you need to make to create the best possible environment for your employees?

Ask them what they need. It’s important to involve everyone you work with, as everyone’s ideas and needs will be different.

For example, while a creative team may request a private room, HR may require separate offices, while sales reps may want one location to receive leads.

Obviously, you won’t be able to meet all the requirements, but at least your employees will feel more thought-out.

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4. Avoid Expensive, Long-Term Leases

Don’t be blinded by reputation at all costs!

Just because your profits have exploded, and you’ve hired new employees, doesn’t mean you have to move to an expensive building, in the center of town. Especially if it’s not appropriate other than “image”.

5. Choose Large Spaces

So that you don’t find yourself stuck in a small office shortly after your move, always consider extra space.

Even if your team can’t fill everything out right now, you can still hire it while you wait to expand your roster. This saves yourself the hassle and distractions of finding even more space as you get older.

6. Build a team that can grow in any environment

It is neither the location nor the office that makes the team work.

If you have developed the right team spirit in your employees, they will always remain productive no matter where you hire them. But it is always important to organize your future campus in a way that encourages collaboration among your team members.

By following these 6 tips, your moves will go smoothly, quickly, easily, and productively.

Think about hiring your employees for this pivotal moment in your company’s history.

Lastly, don’t forget to inaugurate your new campus by hosting a drink!

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