6 Inventory Management Software to Find

Inventory management can be a real headache, whether you own a business, an online store, or any other activity. For the time being, luckily, there have been ways to make your life easier and help you with this task. In this article, we present our selection of stock management software and applications.

However, it is important to remember or state the benefits of using specialized software to manage your stocks.

Why Use Stock Software

Using paper or cardboard stock cards is a practice that is becoming more and more obsolete in 2022. Stock management is a key element for a commercial company, as it is essential not only to avoid broken which can lead to lost sales, but also excess stock Which can generate additional cost for your business. First, the stock software gives you a Observation About your business, your customers and your suppliers. We invite you to find out what others Benefits of using stock software,

Stock Management with Centralized Approach

If you have multiple sites to store your merchandise, with inventory management software you can an overview From your computer or smartphone screen to your entire back office. This overview will then allow you Customize what’s in your storage store For reduce cost those related to it.

real-time order management

With the Internet becoming more and more ubiquitous in all activities, the potential for inventory management software Process your customer orders from all its distribution channels. by usingone and the same software, You can follow all the steps in real time (shipping, preparation, etc.) documents In connection with your sales (purchase order, delivery note, invoice, credit note).

One of the benefits of using inventory management software is that reduce errors.

inventory management software

If you are looking for inventory management software on your computer, here is a small selection of the best of them.


available in 83 languagesSimafari provides one of the best software in terms of Dolisim inventory management Exists on the current market (2022). Very complete, easy to use and intuitive, it is known as the most versatile software in the field.

software is Pay, but one of its biggest benefits is that it becomes the property of the subscriber once the subscription is discontinued. That is, the subscriber can stop paying for his subscription and Retrieving not only his dataBut this also Software, An offer that gives maximum freedom to the customers.

For the same price, invoicing software, accounting software, project software, and CRM software are included.

open concerto

inventory management software

OpenConcerto is a global management software that includes a powerful stock management module.

The tool has the advantage of being open source and free, allowing its user to benefit from complete customization. Actually, the user can add many functionalities like “Buy”, “Stock” and “Order” modules. In free mode, only support is paid, as well as hosting software on the cloud when needed.

The free version of this software is specially suited for SMEs and VSEs. For larger companies, it is advisable to choose cloud solutionOpenConcerto which costs 55€ per month (5 users). The cloud software interface is very simple and barcode reading solution is also available.

The main “plus” of this software, which can also be a disadvantage, is that it is possible to customize it as you wish, although it requires technical skills, In the absence of their technical skills, it is necessary to call their technical service using paid tokens,

The more technical labor skills your business has, the more free the software is compared to what it has to offer.


inventory management software

We’ve already mentioned Dolibar in our pick of the best free CRMs, but it’s certainly more than one trick into a very complete tool. Primarily optimized for the self-employed, unions or even VSEs/SMEs, Dolibar offers its user the possibility of complete control over their activity. For example, you can also control inventory, sales, project management or billing.

Like OpenConcerto, it is modular software where you can choose which features you want to use first, such as inventory management.

Although it is software free, the publisher provides paid modules to give additional features to its subscribers. Although Dolibar ERP and CRM Sometimes considered less powerful and intuitive than its competitors, it remains flexible and very interesting.


inventory management software

is accurate a inventory management software and are designed to meet the diverse needs of very complete orders, small traders, VSE/SMEs, or even international vendors with multiple storage stores.

Software accurate erp completely a. can be used on cloudsie a. but have to say secure web platform, Reliability is guaranteed by ISAE 3402 certification. It should be remembered that the main advantage of the cloud is the fact that the software can be used on all smartphones, tablets or computers connected to the Internet.

Offers a trial for the exact 30 days of free use, then costsmonthly subscription From €98 excluding VAT to €224 excluding VAT depending on the features chosen.

Inventory Management Application

Would you like to be able to manage your stocks directly from your smartphone? Here are two mobile applications for immediate testing.

stock control

inventory management app

Stock Control is an application available on iOS that will allow you to take inventory of your items and easily manage the status and value of your stock.

There is a free version of the application which is limited to 15 articles: you will need to get the paid version to be able to create an unlimited number of articles.

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stock controller

inventory management app

Stock Controller is probably the best Android app for stock management. Very complete, it has all the features expected from such equipment: build your own warehouses, types and suppliers of products; Work offline, etc.

There is a free version as well as a paid version with more features.

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Our Tips for Choosing Your Inventory Management Software

So we have a list of good inventory management software, but what are the factors to keep in mind to make the right choice.

software features

Ask yourself or find out if inventory management software offers many features. Is it suitable for your needs? Does the software allow you to analyze your data and generate reports?

Ease of use of software

Ease of use is a factor to consider. Make sure it is comfortable enough for you to use it well,Optimize your stock, avoid waste of energy and time.


value for money should be measured. You should know that since software is increasingly moving towards cloud usage, the prices are becoming more and more accessible these days.

Select supplier with experience

At logistics fairs, research the Internet, or even consult with other companies: Are they satisfied with the inventory management software they use. It is important to know which supplier will be able to meet your expectations. Take this step seriously, as the success of your warehouse management depends on it.

We recommend hiring an expert freelancer to help you manage your inventory and set up your software. Post an ad now on Codeur.com to find an expert who can help you.

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