5 points to take the guesswork out of when setting up your business

Starting a business is not easy. Incorrect tax positioning or arrangement can have long-term consequences for the success of your business and your income.

To help you see more clearly before you start, Amaris Direct, an online accountant who is both digital and fully human, and Codeur.com have put together 5 Points of Vigilance for Starting Your Service Activity Have joined forces to present. Calmness.

1. Choose the legal status that suits your project

The choice of legal status is an important step when setting up a business. The possibilities are numerous and each situation has its advantages and disadvantages. While it may be wise to choose the legal position that will be most favorable to you for accounting and tax purposes at the beginning of your activity, think about the future too!

Thus, most consultants opt for EURL when setting up their business, but should switch to SAS when the business grows rapidly. If this option may sound interesting when starting the activity, then later it costs around € 3,000.

Faced with all the subtleties of different situations and the specifics of your activity, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Your Amris Direct accountant can help you study the pros and cons of each position with you. Then you will have all the cards to choose the most suitable options for you in the short, medium and long term to become an IT freelancer.

2. Make sure you have a minimum income to take into account your unemployment benefits

If you already benefit from unemployment benefits, Pôle Emploi will offer two types of assistance when setting up your business:

  • Assistance for acquisition or creation of ARCE, Business: This assistance makes it possible to touch 45% of the remaining rights to the creation of the business. This capital is paid by the poll employee in two phases: the first half when the company is incorporated, the remaining 6 months after. This solution is interesting for quickly unlocking funds, but does not guarantee you any minimum income after your first year of activity.
  • AER, help in returning to employment: This assistance makes it possible to receive every month 70% of the unemployment benefits received before the creation of the company. ARE is recommended to ensure a minimum monthly income over time, unless your business is sustainable.

With ARE, Pôle Emploi recalculates the amount of allowance paid every month according to your income. These can be:

  • Salary and dividends paid by your company
  • Your result in personal business
  • Your business in micro enterprise. This can penalize you because the amount you charge your customers is usually more than the profit you actually get (your bottom line).

Only those entrepreneurs who have formed a company (and not micro-enterprises) will therefore be able to receive 100% of their unemployment benefits upon starting their activity, provided that their company does not pay them salaries or dividends.

To get the most out of your unemployment rights, prepare carefully to begin your activity. Amarris Direct’s accounting and management experts are available to assist you in completing your market research and assist you in preparing your business forecast and financing plan.

3. Manage your expenses and costs well from the very beginning of your activity

Often, business builders choose to defer spending on non-essential equipment and avoid investing in small computer equipment (hard drives, professional smartphones, etc.) and various supplies.

However, integrated into the fiscal year, these expenses can reduce the taxable result at the end of the fiscal year.
Similarly, disbursements may be subject to specific accounting and tax treatment.

Fizen, Management and Accounting Applications

To help you see your costs more clearly, Amarris Direct offers you Fizen, a management and experimental web application for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Connected directly to your bank account, Fizen allows you to follow your expenses in real time, easily create expense reports by taking pictures of your receipts, create your invoices in just a few clicks, manage your forecast cash flow and many more. gives.

4. Don’t Wait Until the End of the First Accounting Year to Take Stock

Like many aspects of running your business, your accounting and taxation needs to be estimated. Don’t wait until the last minute to worry about your social charges and your VAT!

To facilitate your management and better support the development of your activity, your dedicated Amaris Direct Accountant convenes a meeting in the middle of your accounting year. You will be able to optimize your remuneration and your expenses from your first months of activity and thus avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the year.

5. Establish a Realistic Business Plan and Determine Your Average Daily Rate

Final advice, don’t skip the business plan phase and calculation of your average daily rate to verify the adequacy of your service proposition and your market.

Need help setting up your activity forecast?

Amarris Direct provides you with a dedicated accountant for your business building project. This professional will answer all your questions and support you throughout the life of your business.

Personalized support can help you start your service delivery activity in the best possible circumstances. This is why Amarris Direct offers you the 360° solution: Benefit from a transparent relationship of trust with your appointed accountant and benefit from intuitive and efficient management tools.

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