5 key factors to motivate your employees

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Only 33% of employees feel engaged and motivated at work.

In this article, we throw light on the importance of a good manager in maintaining high motivation.

Here are some keys to ensuring your team’s efficiency and satisfaction.

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1. Recognition

Thank you

It doesn’t cost much to say thank you.

And yet, it’s a very effective gesture to motivate your soldiers, as one study reported:

  • 70% of employees think they would feel better about their jobs if their boss thanked them more often;
  • 81% say they would work harder for a leader who appreciates them.


Although salary is not enough to motivate a team, offering fair compensation is essential. Of course, the level of education of the employee must be taken into account, especially when these are directly related to the activity. It is the same with young people, even if this is their first professional experience.

Sometimes there is a fixed portion of workers’ compensation and a variable portion. The latter should be subject to achievable objectives:

  • If an employee knows he can achieve them, he will be motivated and actively participate in the success of the company.
  • If goals are unrealistic, they become a source of stress and discouragement. Both the worker and the company will suffer!

2. Motivation

Rosbeth Moss Kanter of Harvard University defines the “3Ms” as the ones that most motivate employees:


Allow your employees to develop their skills and knowledge in their work.

Your employees will be more satisfied if they are passionate about their work. Hence their interest in their job is an essential motivation criterion. For that, don’t hesitate to give them stimulating missions.


Build a real community in the workplace by fostering conversation.

Furthermore, an accredited employee is a more complete employee. Each member of your team has qualities and knowledge that can be useful to the company. We should listen to them, involve them.

As soon as a work is profitable, give importance to the person who is the author. Exchange and knowledge sharing are assets to have a solid activity.

our advice

Encourage these moments by hosting a lunch or offering workshops led by an employee. Each company will be able to establish a program suited to its structure.


Highlight the company’s mission and goals.

To maintain the motivation of your employees, it is important to take them out of the routine of repetitive tasks by involving them in projects, challenges, etc.


It becomes less effective if employees lose control of their actions. Don’t get lost

3. Teamwork

Better to reward your employees individually as a group: it has a more beneficial effect on their performance.

On the other hand, some employees tend to help other members of a team, thereby harming their own work. Thus, their individual performance may seem below expectations, but at the same time they increase the effectiveness of the group.

Ultimately, employees find more meaning in their work if they feel they are useful to others.

4. Autonomy


Empower your employees! By taking accountability in this way, they become more efficient.


Giving independence to an employee does not reduce his working time. Conversely, employees who have independence tend to devote more time to their business!

our advice

We should offer flexibility in working hours and why not, allow teleworking for a few days in a month.

Thanks to this type of action, they know they have the confidence of their superiors. Stress is reduced and efficiency increases.

5. Acceptance of Failure

Experiencing difficulties or delays in reaching a goal is not as bad, and it can be beneficial:

  • The urge to achieve a goal is a powerful motivation;
  • Plus, moving toward a goal makes your employees more enthusiastic and happy.

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