5 Benefits of Entrepreneurial Support

Created in 2014 to facilitate the creation and management of self-employed activity, entrepreneurial support is still a little-known legal status. Still, there are many advantages to starting a business quickly and easily.

JL Portage invites you to discover all the benefits of this wrongly overlooked position. Starting your own business has never been easier!

Entrepreneurial Portage, what is it?

Entrepreneurial Support aims to make business building accessible to all (self-employed workers, employees, young graduates, etc.).

This should be distinguished from wage portage, which allows self-employed workers to maintain employee status without establishing a business. Unlike Wage Portage, Entrepreneurial Portage does not impose a tripartite relationship between the client, the porting company and you.

In fact, the Entrepreneurial Porting Company does not sign any contract with the clients of Independent Ported. It simply signs a mandate contract with the port, which gives it the power to act on its own account for the administrative management of its activity.

The self-employed person then chooses their clients as they wish, and signs their assignment contracts with complete freedom.

Benefits of Entrepreneurial Support

1. Free yourself from administrative management

Representative Administrative Management Entrepreneurial Support

Unlike other independent positions, entrepreneurial support allows you to relieve all administrative management related to your activity. No more VAT returns, record keeping, accounting management: your portage company takes care of everything!

By choosing the status of Entrepreneurial Portage, you will no longer need to write your invoices or send your legal documents. Even your dues are paid by JL Portage.

did you know

JL Portage provides you a pay-slip every month, which is more practical for your daily life (rent, credit, etc.).

2. Reduce Cost

Entrepreneur reduces portage costs

When setting up a business, there are a number of fixed costs, even if your activity hasn’t started and you don’t record any turnover.

In Entrepreneurial Portage, there is a significant reduction in costs related to life and business management:

  • No Business Property Contribution (CFE) to be paid
  • No need to subscribe to Professional Civil Liability
  • Business expenses are recognized as exempt from social charges and taxes.
  • no turnover, no fixed cost


Setting up a company typically costs between 500 and 3,000 euros. With JL Portage, setting up your business only costs you €170 in administrative registration fees.

3. Work with whomever you want for as long as you want

Entrepreneurial Support Customer Relations

In Entrepreneurial Portage, you choose your clients and the way you do things.

Unlike the practices of pay portage, you do not have an account to present to your portage company. In fact, in a pay portage contract, you must justify your hours worked and provide a detailed activity report. In addition, within the framework of the salary portage contract, the term of the contract with the client company is limited to a maximum of 3 years.

Not so in Entrepreneurial Portage: You work whenever you want, for what you want, for how long you decide.

Entrepreneur Support allows you to work for all types of clients:

  • Companies, ESN (SS2I) included
  • associations
  • persons

4. Don’t Worry About Targets or Revenue Limits

Entrepreneurial support objectives

In the IT sector, self-employed people can very quickly reach the turnover limit set at 70,000 euros. Then they have to change their position to convert their micro-enterprise into a sole proprietorship.

In Entrepreneurial Portage, This Ceiling Disappears: You Don’t Have to no more ac limit ,

Conversely, you don’t have No minimum turnover obligation to be met, unlike pay portage.

good plan

If your turnover exceeds €10,000 tax/year, JL Portage offers you the benefit of its JL Plus® offer, to achieve more than 80% of your turnover in net remuneration before tax

5. Benefit of Better Social Security

Entrepreneurial Support Social Security

Thanks to payslips provided by the porting company, entrepreneurial porting allows you to benefit from employee social cover, which is more interesting than that provided by the self-employed’s Social Security. Thus you are better reimbursed, and can benefit from daily allowances and retirement benefits.

You also have the possibility of crediting your remuneration with unemployment, which is impossible with other freelancing positions.

As you must have understood that there are many benefits of entrepreneurial portage for self-employed. JL Portage allows you to build your business easily under this condition, and supports you in your entire activity to lighten your administrative management.

did you know

JL Portage is not a portage company! Its president, Josette Londe, received the Medal of the National Order of Merit on the Presidential Reserve, thanks to her participation in the creation of independent statutes with the government.

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