logo deposit | What you need to know in 2022!

Have you built a brand and now want to protect your logo? Discover all the key information in this article so you can make your deposit in complete peace!

Why is a logo needed?

You have started your activity and you are entering the phase of creating your visual identity. Like your brand name, you need to protect your logo to ensure you have a monopoly on your logo. What do we mean by operation of monopoly? We explain to you!

Operating monopoly allows you to have exclusivity over the use of your logo or brand. As a result, you protect yourself from the risks of plagiarism and forgery and prevent any third parties from using, reproducing or diversion of your logo.

What are the prerequisites for filing a logo?

do a prior art search

Before filing your logo, you need to make sure, among other things, that it is available. To do this, you will do a prior art search, in the same way as for trademark registration.

The pre-art search is done on the official INPI website. Once you have done the first search, you can resort to a deeper search. This second search is chargeable and the price varies according to several criteria, including:

  • the amount of elements to be considered;
  • number of classes;
  • Groups of Similar Activity (GAS);
  • geographic region…

meet compliance standards

Once you’ve researched your prior art and confirmed your logo’s availability, you’ll need to make sure it meets certain compliance rules, including:

  • validity : Make sure your logo doesn’t cause public disorder. It must not contain any discriminatory elements, must not infringe on the rights (such as copyright for example) and the welfare of any third party.
  • Specialty : If the logic says that this criterion relates only to your brand name, you still need to include it in the image of your logo. In fact, if your logo includes the name of your brand, you need to make sure that it is not descriptive.

What is the process to register and protect a logo?

File a logo with INPI

The filing of your logo as a design and model with INPI can be done through two processes:

  • “Standard” deposit;
  • Deposit funds for professionals and companies that are subject to regular changes or updates to the logo.

The main difference between these two processes is the price because unlike “standard” filing, the second process benefits from a lower cost.

Submit a logo online through a service provider

If you’d like online support for filing your logo, know that you can also turn to a legal tech such as LegalStart or CaptainContract that also offer security and trademark filing services to complete your process. .

To know the details of the offers offered by these service providers, we invite you to visit their official website or contact any of their consultants.

Can we register the logo for free?

The process of filing a logo, like trademark filing, is not obtainable free of charge. Protecting these different elements of your project has a cost, but it ensures exclusivity and brings legal value to your file in the event of litigation.

Expected cost to register a logo

logo deposit price

The starting price to enter your logo is €39. However, you will have to pay other costs to protect your design or model, namely:

  • Security over 10 years;
  • Reproduction of the logo in black and white;
  • Color reproduction of the logo.
Service Price
model submission 39€
Deposit with more than 10 years security 52€
reproduction in black and white 23€/breeding
color reproduction 47€/breeding

As we mentioned a little earlier in this article, logo registration can be done under two processes, the classic process or the process which is intended for professionals who have to make regular changes. These two procedures respond to a different pricing, we invite you to visit the official page of INPI, on which you will find a table that reflects the particular case.

Expected cost before logo registration

The first expense to plan before entering your logo is the cost of manufacturing it. The price range for making a logo is very wide and can vary between 300 and 2500€. This pricing depends on several elements and varies according to the person or company that will be carrying out it. Some freelance graphic designers may offer more affordable pricing, but keep in mind that you can also create your own logo if you don’t want to stick with. However, make sure you have the right tools (which can be an added expense to plan on your list).


The second element to keep in mind is the anterior finding which can go up to 600€ for a deeper search.

questions to ask

Where should the logo be placed?

You can register your logo directly on the official INPI website or use a service provider like LegalStart.

How much does it cost to register a logo?

The cost of filing a logo varies according to several elements, but it takes at least a hundred euros to complete the basic procedures.

Why protect people?

Operating monopoly allows you to have exclusivity over the use of your logo or brand. You therefore protect yourself from the risks of plagiarism and forgery and prevent third parties from using, reproducing or misusing your logo.

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