4 Best Free IT Maintenance Management Software

computer maintenance Can be complicated to manage on a daily basis. computer aided maintenance management, commonly referred to as CMMSone is management method,

it will provide computer equipment maintenance, Most tools have a monthly or annual cost, However, free alternatives do exist. Depending on your activity, it is necessary to study the possibilities and different software.

Let us know what is CMMS and what are its benefits. Then the 4 best free IT maintenance management tools.

What is Computer Aided Maintenance Management (CMMS)?

CMMS – Explanation

CMMS makes it possible to manage IT maintenance using automated support, These tools are used very frequently in the business or administration sector.

CMMS software covers quite a variety of areas, which is very beneficial for companies.

for free versionOf course, not all domains may be offered. However, some already have powerful and interesting support.

What are the functions of CMMS software?

There are many areas covered by CMMS, what are they?

  • inventory management : Generating orders, placing orders to suppliers, evaluating stock, creating alerts so as not to run out of stock, etc.
  • equipment management : inventory, dates of purchase, characteristics of the equipment.
  • Planning and Personnel Management : clock, overtime, etc.
  • daily cost management : supplies, labour, insurance, etc.
  • maintenance management : prepare management documents (work orders, requests for interventions, etc. Maintenance is at many levels, it can be corrective, but also preventive for example.

What are the benefits of managing your maintenance with CMMS software?

The advantages of CMMS software in company management are very interesting:

  • time saver : The planning and management of interventions is automated. Therefore, the more productive the company is, the more it can focus on other tasks.
  • Simplified and improved communication : Various contributors and users complete their tasks. The actors can then react or make adjustments. The information received helps in decision making.
  • quickly accessible information : Can prepare CMMS reports. Some of the information that used to take a long time to find can be easily retrieved with this tool.
  • enhanced performance : Preventive Maintenance Plan Structure and Control. It is easier to manage the durability of the equipment and reducing the period of inactivity. Thus, the annual profitability of the company is better.
  • expenditure control : The most obvious benefit is in the automation of processes, and therefore in relation to budget and even in saving money.
  • long term analysis : High visibility which makes it possible to anticipate stock shortages and some breakdowns.

4 Free IT Maintenance Management Software?

Here is a list of free software that has interesting performance in terms of computer maintenance:


All companies have Excel Therefore, this solution is used by many of them. Managing maintenance with this software means you don’t have to invest in additional software. Then most of all, if you already have spreadsheet exercises, it’s child’s play.

What are the advantages of Excel ,

  • creating intervention plans
  • data crossing
  • Establishment of inventory of supplies, equipment and speakers
  • production of dashboard
  • reporting generation
  • Free tutorials on the net to deepen your knowledge and use
  • Excel mastery by your employees
  • Time saving and liquidity

Still, Excel is fine to start with, but it can take time and data traceability is not present.

Management 4

Management4 is an industrial maintenance software who has free version, The big advantage over most free CMMS software is that it French,

Like all the basic versions, ManageMaint 4 is limited compared to the full version. Nevertheless, it allows you to get started in managing computer maintenance at no cost.

Benefits of Management 4 ,

  • Establishment of a comprehensive database (integration of your equipment, interventions, etc.)
  • detailed equipment report
  • software in french
  • Simplified maintenance for starting small scale activity
  • free

However, there is no mobile version, the software is only available on PC.

fix light

to solve

Fix Lite is the free version of the Fix software. Of course, it offers fewer features than the paid versions, but it allows you to search Main characteristics software. In spite of everything you should know that there is currently no French version, it is English,

Fix lights are often used by companies Tertiary and service sector.

What are the benefits of Fix Light?

  • quick and easy handling
  • business features
  • mobile application
  • purchase order management
  • No Credit Card Required

If you are a small business then you may already have some substantial knowledge.

maintenance care

maintenance care

MaintenanceCare is an online software that provides intervention management in a free version,

It is best known in its category, but it is only available in English for the moment.

The free version is available for one unit and one user.

What are the benefits of maintenance care?

  • mobile application
  • purchase order management
  • asset Management
  • preventive maintenance
  • functional coverage

What are the limitations of free CMMS software?

If you decide to go through Automated maintenance management by computer, Freeware Alternatives can help you get started. However, it may be less attractive in the long term.

What are the main limitations of free CMMS software?

  • Features are restricted
  • French versions are rare
  • The number of users is limited
  • Configuration can be complicated if you don’t have any skills in the field.
  • Lack of customer service or support to assist you with any problems

How to optimize its automatic maintenance management by computer?

If CMMS software is not suitable for your business in the long run, there are two solutions available to you:

  • Open Source CMMS Software : This solution requires deep technical skills within your company. Not only for deploying software, but also for routine maintenance.
  • Paid Professional CMMS Software : A large number of companies use this software when their activity increases. It is easy to manage the day to day maintenance of your computer. In terms of automation, the solutions are more efficient.

you can also call Professionals Specializing in Automated Maintenance,

Be aware, however, that the cost of professional software may be less expensive than you think.

3 Best CMMS Software With Free Trials

to solve

to solve great software CMMSFurthermore, it offers three different options as per your needs.

  • basic
  • professional
  • company

The original version is already very complete And already allows powerful functionalities in terms of automatic maintenance. It costs 45€ per month. It is designed for small businesses, its efficiency is very interesting.

big change

big change

big change There is a paid solution that offers two different offers with a starting price of €59.95/month and per user.

This integrated software is functional for small and medium businesses. Intervention management has been simplified;

Bob! table

Bob!  table

Bob! table provides a Demo and a free trial, The prices offered by this software are customized according to the activity of your company. An accompaniment is also proposed to make use easier. Initial offers start at around 15€ depending on your area of ​​activity.

our tip

When we start an activity, we want to limit the costs. often we free solution Thinking this is the best solution.

Which has been the case since the beginning. However, if you want to find a professional to help you set up your CMMS, you can find solutions on Codeur.com. You request a quote, a Specialist in Maintenance Will be glad to help you. Meanwhile, we have quoted for you The Best Software to Support You in Your CMMS Debut,

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