12 Tools (CSS, HTML and JS) to Compress Your Code Files

Do you know the word “minify”? It is a programming jargon used to describe the process of removing unnecessary characters from the source code of a website. These characters can be spaces, line breaks, explanatory comments: basically anything useful to humans, but useless to machines.

We “minify” website files containing CSS, HTML and JavaScript code so that your browser can read them faster.

By reducing the size of your website’s CSS, HTML and JavaScript files, you can increase the loading speed of your site’s pages. Even if the profit is small, every millisecond counts: your visitors will thank you for the effort, but so will the search engines, which can significantly improve your ranking in SERPS.

There are a large number of online tools that can shrink your files. Some are format-specific, others support JS, CSS and HTML. We will list the most popular of them below!

multitasking compression tool (HTML, CSS and JS)

As the name does not suggest, this online data compression and modification tool supports all types of codes. It also supports various combinations such as CSS + PHP or JavaScript + PHP. And you can also check the compressed code for errors, which can be helpful.

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Minify Code Compression Tool

The site provides 3 minifiers for JavaScript, CSS and HTML with a simple user interface that lets you minify your code with a single click.

It also includes 3 “beautify” tools that decompress minified code to make it more readable. Called “beautifiers,” these tools are the opposite of minification, which can also be very useful. (HTML, CSS & JS)

Refresh SF Code Compression Tool

This compressor will minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML code types. It also includes all the compression options for each type of code if you need to be more specific in your compression.

css compression tool

CSS Minifier CSS Code Compression Tool

CSS Minifier is also very easy to use. Simply paste your CSS and click the “Minimize” button to get the minified code. You can download the release code as a file, so you don’t need to copy and paste.

CSS Compressor CSS Code Compression Tool

This online CSS compressor is fast and very easy to use. You can choose between 4 levels of compression, depending on how readable you want the compressed CSS to be.


Clean CSS CSS Code Compression Tool

It’s a minifier in which all you have to do is drag-and-drop your file. You can choose between downloading your minified file or copying it to your clipboard and then pasting it into its original file.


CSSo CSS Code Compression Tool

Csso is a tool offered by Google Developers for the purpose of compressing your CSS code. It’s interface is pleasant to use. It also allows you to “beautify” your code.

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HTML Compression Tools

Text Fixer HTML Code Compression Tools

This online HTML compression tool will save space in your HTML files and make them much smaller by removing line breaks in code, tab spaces, and replacing double spaces with spaces.

It is also possible not to compress the document header.


VilePV HTML Code Compression Tool

Copy and paste your document and this minifier will do the rest!

If you have some JS scripts in the document, you have the option to ask minifier to ignore them so that your page doesn’t break.

Javascript Compression Tool

donation tools

Dan's Tools JS Code Compression Tool

Dan offers a JavaScript compression tool, and also another one for your CSS files, which I didn’t list above (since I knew I’d mention it here).

Both the tools have a really clean and easy-to-use user interface. If they don’t offer advanced options, these tools are suitable in most cases.

JS Compress JS Code Compression Tools

This JavaScript compression tool lets you compress your code by copying and pasting, but you can also upload multiple .js files at once. This can allow you to combine JavaScript files into one file to improve page load speed.

concluding compilation

Clojure Compile JS Code Compression Tools

The Closure Compiler is part of a suite of tools from Google Developers. It allows you to minify your JavaScript. You can invoke your JavaScript by entering the URL of the .js file location and then choosing how you want the code to be customized and formatted. Once you click the “Compile” button, the system will minify the code for you and check your code for errors.

So here’s something to minify your code to improve your site speed!

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