10 Post Ideas to Promote Your B2B Social Network

84% of B2B decision makers consult social networks before making a purchase decision. 54% of them are primarily looking for information about products/services. This is why 83% of marketers integrate social platforms into their strategies.

However, it is necessary to go beyond a simple presence on social networks. You need to enrich your business pages, feed your strategy, to have a chance to win customers looking for solutions.

is here 10 Publishing Ideas to Grow Your B2B Social Presence ,

1. Latest News

You are definitely overshooting your field of activity. Whether it’s the results of a survey, poll or the latest trends, you have the ingredients to create an expert publication!

By sharing them on your business page, you inform your followers about market trends, thereby building your brand image. Plus, you provide them with value-added content that keeps them engaged.

Choose a relevant fact, figure or statistic to create an impactful visual to spark interest and encourage the post to be read. For example, every week, Swallow (a social network management tool) shares news from its field on its LinkedIn page.

2. Infographics

Your content is full of relevant information for your potential customers. But it’s not always easy to consult a blog article, white paper or other text via social networks.

good thought? Turn your lists of tips, statistics or figures into infographics. You can even adapt your market research or comparison articles into infographics.

Be sure to include a link to the original content in your post description. As in the case of WordStream here:

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3. Your Downloadable Content

Some members of your community are looking for complete and solid information. Especially if you provide complex or technical services. These professionals won’t be satisfied with a blog post or infographic.

To satisfy them, regularly refer to your downloadable content: white papers, case studies, webinars, etc., while collecting useful data for your email campaigns.

To generate traffic, consider writing a relevant description that invites action. You can highlight a number or a key phrase to get their attention, as in this tweet from Sopra Steria:


4. Videos Presenting Your Products

Present your products by creating a dynamic and educational video. This will give users an idea of ​​what they can expect from your business. The ideal is to present your service in action to encourage buyers to imagine using it.

For example, on its Twitter page, the company Plezzi pinned a video presenting the various benefits and features of its marketing automation software:


5. Extracts from conferences, webinars or podcasts

It’s difficult to bring all of its customers together during your conferences and webinars. But luckily, with social networks, you can give a second life to your interventions. Post the most engaging snippets on your pages to attract new leads.

For example, SAGE converted part of its podcast into an audiogram for a Twitter post. Obviously, the company includes a link to the full show to attract new listeners.


6. Behind the Scenes

Showcasing the daily life of your company allows prospects to discover your team and better immerse themselves in your corporate culture. The goal is to check whether you have common values.

You can share this type of content across all your social networks, in stories or simply dedicate an account to your business life, as HubSpot does with its Instagram page @hubspotlife:


7. Free Trial

Do you offer free trials of your products or services? Tell me! This is a very powerful way to generate qualified leads from your social networks. Ultimately, this technique can increase your turnover.

For example, VSActivity offers a free trial of its solution to its Twitter followers:

VS  activism

8. Intervention of experts

Videos are clearly the panacea of ​​social networks. In the B2B sector, expertise in conversion is an essential element. Remember to highlight your experienced colleagues so they can present concepts, studies or solutions.

Of course, never forget to reference your website using links that contain additional information on the points your expert has made.

In this example, an UltiCap expert summarizes the advantages of its Sage Business Cloud Payroll offering by highlighting the prospect’s pain points. The publication then links to the site’s page detailing the proposal submitted:


9. Introduce Partners

Essential in B2B, partnerships allow you to broaden your reputation and reach new audiences. By displaying them on your company pages, you show your potential customers that you hold an important position in your market.

One way to introduce yourself to your partners is to repost some of their posts. For example, Cegid introduces its new partners to the launch of its Cegid HR Ultimate offer. The company thus shows that it knows how to surround itself with experts to meet the most demanding needs of its customers.


10. Promote New Customers

Social proof is an important factor in closing B2B deals. Customers immerse themselves in research, reviews and testimonials before deciding to do business with a company.

By highlighting your customers and partners on social networks, you show prospects that their partners trust you.

Such is the case with Agorapulse, which, on its Facebook page, highlights a customer being satisfied with one of their offers.


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With these 10 examples of publications, you should be inspired to pause your communication on social networks!

Remember to choose a format based on your goals and create posts that help you accomplish them. This is the role of community managers. Consider handing over the management of your B2B social network to a Codeur.com freelancer!

Finally, in B2B, the key is to consistently showcase your expertise, support prospects in their thinking, and establish yourself as a leader in your market!

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