10 no-code tools to build your site

“no-code” is a programming method Which does not necessarily involve writing code, but rather working with GUI (Graphic User Interface) tools.

In other words, no code tool They do not rely on the knowledge and ability of their users to use the code, but rather use very simple methods, so that anyone who wants to can easily create their own website.

We are going to look at some of these tools in this article!

1. Wix associated Content

You already know Wix, but it’s such an essential no-code tool that we can’t ignore it. Indeed, Wix allows Build a high-performance site from A to Z without coding,

Template selection and customization, content integration, payment systems implementation, links to web marketplaces (Facebook, eBay)… everything is planned so you can increase your turnover quickly and easily.

create a website

To learn how to build your Wix site, optimize it for SEO, translate it, visit our Wix tutorials!

2. Doric

Doric has a platform building websites For non-code enthusiasts and beginners in website building.

Doric comes with a few hundred templates and UI components, so you can create an attractive and modern website without the need for advanced web design skills.

With Doric, you have almost no learning curve: whether it’s a custom design from scratch or a website built quickly using a template, Doric’s library of UI components gives you the freedom to build exactly what you want. Want to

The tool comes with integrations with your favorite tools such as Zapier, IntegraMat, MemberStack, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mailchimp, EmailOctopus and more.

You can test Doric in a limited free version and use a subdomain, or opt for 3 paid versions, starting from 3 € per month, and 5 for the most advanced version € per month, which is (surprisingly) among the cheapest rates. Market.


code 2
Recently hit the market, Code2.io is a no-code platform that helps you Build Responsive Web Applications Without Coding,

Code2’s advanced visual editor and drag-and-drop interface make it easy to build websites.

Setup, hosting, launching and scaling: Code2 takes care of everything for you. It is truly an all-in-one platform that lets you build and launch customer-facing web applications Without worrying about deployment, hosting, or user or data storage limits.

It’s a great option for anyone who wants to grow their business or monetize their idea (whether a startup founder, business owner, or freelancer), without ever getting their hands on code.

Code2.io offers various pricing plans in addition to the free plan for those looking to test the solution and explore its platform. Otherwise, you have the choice between the following plans:
mild : $14/month
standard : $49/month
Supporter : $149/month

4. Bubble

If you need to build a web application, Bubble.IO can be your perfect solution.

platform gives you the opportunity Build a full app prototypeBuild it, launch it in hours, and scale it as you grow. Featuring a relatively powerful set of internal tools, Bubble.io is both functional and easy-to-use.

Equipped with a marketplace of plugins or themes, a community forum and integration capabilities for many external tools, Bubble.io boasts 1.2 million users.

Bubble.io has a free version and three other paid versions distributed as follows:
hobby : free
Personal : $25 per month (paid annually) or $29 per month (paid monthly)
professional : $115 per month (paid annually) or $129 per month (paid monthly)
Production : $475 per month (paid annually) or $529 per month (paid monthly)

5. Square Space

Founded in 2004, Squarespace is a “no-code” solution For making and of modify a website Having the possibility to add code if necessary, without the need to know CSS or HTML.

It’s a “software as a service” website builder: for a monthly subscription, you’re provided with a domain name and e-mail marketing, and even “in-house” to build and maintain your site. goes. e-commerce solutions, not to mention content management system. Everything is of course provided with a large selection of templates: more than 130 to date.

Squarespace’s interface is very easy to use: its editor makes it easy to modify themes’ design elements such as fonts, sizes, and colors, etc.

Editing content is just as easy: just locate the content you want to edit, click the “Edit” button, and adjust accordingly.

You can use drag-and-drop to move blocks of text or images onto the page, or drop in content from other sections of your site.

The rates are affordable and range from 11€/month for the “Commerce” version to 36€ if you pay annually.

Discover our comparison between Squarespace and WordPress to help you choose the best no-code tool to build your site!

6. Webflow

webflow is another website building platform Which allows you to design and launch responsive websites without code.

Most no-code website builders allow you to customize your site to some degree, but with Webflow, you’re as free as you are to code your site entirely: it’s so customizable. You can choose to start from scratch and build a website entirely in your own image; If you want to go faster, you can also use a template.

Webflow has different pricing tiers for its personal and site plans. For a personal account, you can start for free and then upgrade to “Lite” for $16 per month or “Pro” for $35 per month. For site plans, they start from $16 to $36 for a “classic” site and from $29 to $212 for an online store.

Discover our comparison between Webflow and WordPress to help you choose the best no-code tool for building your site!

7. Card

Imagine Webflow but faster and more accessible: Here’s Carrd, a no-code tool Build Simple Websites, Still, make no mistake, Carrd is just as powerful as the other tools, but with a different purpose.

this will allow you to keep up to 3 websites While being able to use all the basic facilities for free. If you want to go pro, you only have to spend between $9 and $49 per year. Yes, every year!

Because if Carrd offers 3 paid plans with individual options for each, it is because of its simplicity and its very affordable price.

prolite : from $9 / year

pro standard : From $19 / year

pro plus : From $49 / year

8. Thunkable

Packed with powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, Thunkable is great for creating quick mockups and automatically runs your app on iOS and Android.

In addition to the ease of dragging and dropping and setting up animations, there’s a good option for remixing existing sample projects: Thunkable is here to help, even if you’re not a designer.

On the pricing side, Thunkable offers a free formula that allows users to have 200MB of space on their account, ideal for testing without getting wet. In the case of Crush, you can opt for a paid plan, which ranges from “ starter ($13/month) to “ Business ($167/month) via ” Supporter » ($38/month)

9. Bravo Studio

bravo studios
Bravo Studio is not a website builder, but amobile application, His credo: Design first, code never.

Bravo Studio works as follows: First, you draw your application in your design tool of choice. You then add “Bravo” tags that, once your design is imported into Bravo Studio, will be turned into components that can trigger an action.

The tool allows you to build complex applications, with API integration, import external data… and even offers to help you test the application and publish it.

You can test a limited edition for free, or pay between 19€ (ole) and 49€ (bravissimo) per month.

10. WordPress

We do not present it to you anymore, it also has its place in WordPress no-code equipment from this list.

Again, you can rely on our tutorials to help you build your WordPress site.


These 10 platforms will allow you to build your website without any technical knowledge. There’s no need to master HTML and CSS with these sites when you use their pre-designed templates and plugins!

However, no-code platforms can be limiting when you have specific needs and want to fully customize your website. In this case, it is advised to hire a freelance web developer to create the features you need.

Post your project for free on Codeur.com and get instant quotes.

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