Social Networks and Physical Networks: Two Complementary Approaches

As you know, social networks are an important tool for increasing your visibility and maintaining your circle of close relationships. In times when virtual is paramount, it seems difficult to build a networking strategy without a Facebook or LinkedIn account. However, a physical network, as its name suggests, is made up of actual people. How to interact with real people on your online profile remains to be seen. description.

need to be present on social networks

In the space of a few years, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or even TikTok have conquered our personal space by intruding even closer to us, our phones. Profiles on social networks provide very wide visibility to their holders, who make themselves public in the eyes of the whole world and express a certain image of themselves.

That’s why it can be useful, for any company or individuals, to have an account on these media and update it. These platforms allow you to inform the whole community about your news in real time. If your content is catchy and engaging then you thus gain visibility but also popularity. Last but not the least: it is essentially a free resource! Many advanced features are chargeable, but it is still possible to promote your company through accounts created for free on LinkedIn or Twitter, for example. For example, fruit juice brand Innocent has enjoyed great success thanks to the maintenance and regular updates of its Facebook page. Social networks thus make it possible to expand its visibility, but also to maintain its links with the real world.

Use Virtual to Maintain Your Physical Network

Social media gives its users the possibility to describe themselves and win more and more followers, but also to maintain their relationships with them virtually. Facebook and Twitter both have an instant messaging system, as does Snapchat, which is one of its own. Business networks such as LinkedIn also offer this system and are aimed at people wanting to talk about business, so learn to seize this opportunity!

This feature allows you to chat in real time with a member of your community and therefore, a fortiori, to maintain your network. In fact, the possibilities offered are many: you can share information and start debates or conversations, contact acquaintances directly or even faster than by telephone to receive news. Can also have a professional meeting with. Remember that a network is, above all, made up of real people. These are a real tool for maintaining these steady relationships, but cannot replace physical contact with the people who revolve around your company.

Use the network to meet other professionals

It’s good to use social media to maintain and expand your network. It’s always better to meet him in person! Virtual can help you strengthen your circle of relationships, weld it and meet its members but in any case cannot replace good old face-to-face events. For example, Facebook allows you to invite multiple members to participate in an outing. Invitees can also reply whether or not they intend to attend.

Using these sites to plan meetings is much easier than using your phone or sending everyone an email. Members manage the request themselves and you do not need to ask them again and again to find out if they have seen your ad.

real to impress virtual

Online social network / physical network relationship works both ways! When you find yourself in front of your professional connections, don’t hesitate to tell them about your LinkedIn page, where you broadcast all the news related to your company. Informed, your interlocutor will be able to go there and, if he is interested, relay the link to your site in his own knowledge. You’ll gain visibility and, with the Internet, things can move very quickly. This is a good cycle that is likely to give you a sudden boost, but beware, of bad buzz! If you spread bad publicity or misinformation, your reputation will be very bad for those who receive it.

The network of professionals that connects the virtual and the real

Some clubs of entrepreneurs, aware of the complementarity of the virtual and real aspects, offer pre-built networks of professionals and design interfaces so that members can communicate with each other. Instant messaging, organizing events, these structures combine web and physical meetings to allow entrepreneurs to expand and maintain networks in ways that are, after all, inseparable.

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