WordPress website: the most beautiful examples

The Internet has been the best way to achieve optimum visibility for many years. Whether it is a professional, recreational or non-profit purpose, the Internet allows you to be heard. And it is exclusively through a website that you can.

To build an online website, it is best to take the help of tools, and WordPress is one of the best positioned for it. Its WordPress website creation cannot be done effortlessly. You should take inspiration from other websites you already have to develop your own.

That’s why we decided to show you an example of a WordPress site (or even several) for each category of platform, so that you can use it to avoid making mistakes during design.

2 Examples of WordPress Affiliate Sites

WordPress is a tool widely used in building collaborative websites. Most of them have the purpose of raising awareness, to make internet users understand about the importance of their cause. So there should be a specific design of the subjects to achieve these objectives.

Example of a Coworkinfrance WordPress site

Corworkinfrance is a dedicated platform as its name suggests to coworkers. It is an approach where many workers come together in a common place to work in openness, exchange and camaraderie. The home page of the site is, at the top, equipped with several tabs intended to inform the customer about the association, but also all the reasons that motivate them.

Thus we find a tab that leads us to the history and birth of the cohort, but also to its clear and precise definition. Other tabs give information about the mission of the association and the main actors of these.

Below, we find exclusive statistics on news from colleagues in France. In addition, the body of the page contains several calls to action that are intended to invite the user to explore and learn about colleagues. A call to action or CTA is a marketing technique that specifies any design that is intended to persuade a user to click a button, to buy a product/service, or to encourage him to do what is expected of him. Is.

OMPE WordPress site example

The OMPE website is dedicated to the fight for the protection of the environment. Calls to action are also at the center of the page, which invites donations. In the center of the homepage is an image with animals, setting the tone for the association’s purposes.

Also, there is no shortage of calls to action, inviting internet users to donate or sign petitions. The purpose of the rest of the page is to provide environmental news as well as information about the history of the union. Above all, the tabs also inform about the association, inviting you to join, contact or even donate.

2 examples of wordpress business sites

In corporate websites, the main objective would be to promote a set of products or services with the aim of encouraging the Internet user to purchase and consume them. Feature-rich plugins like Woocommerce can go a long way in building your business website.

Walmart WordPress site example


Walmart is one of the most famous WordPress e-commerce sites in France and even in the world. When you go to the home page, the search bar is available at the top. The latter is very useful, as it allows potential customers to discover the products they require. In addition, a tab provides the list of available products divided according to different categories. It is also important for the customer to set up, so that he can easily navigate the list of goods offered.

The middle of the page is made up of large images of the products under promotion, which scroll one after the other. Below, for example, is a list of trendy products of the moment related to the season. Finally, at the very bottom of the page are several small tabs such as Terms of Use, Company Biography or FAQs about the latter.

Example of Picky Bars WordPress Site

Picky Bars

Picky Bars is a site offering energy bars for athletes. From the home page we see a message to explain that these are not sweets (real .) [Good] Meal). The top of the page displays the Site Registration tab, with some tabs at the bottom allowing you to visit the brand’s products, but also to learn more about it. Of course, a search bar is also available.

The rest is centered on a pyramid structure, with advertising at the top, a list of best-selling products at the bottom, and then lots of informational tabs at the bottom.

2 Examples of Institutional WordPress Sites

These are sites that represent institutions, most of the time the state, but not only. Very large companies can be considered institutions.

Example of White House WordPress site

white House

It is neither more or less the official site of the United States government, or more accurately that of the White House. We note that much of the website’s structure, apart from the logo at the top and the “Menu” tabs that allow navigation within the various pages of the site, relates to current events. In fact there are many titles of articles related to the political news of the country, and in particular about the government.

At the top of the page is a large image of the current President. The bottom of the page offers you to register within the forum, and at the base, again, a lot of informational tabs.

LVMH WordPress site example


The well-known French group can be considered an institutional website. The home page is composed of an image of the brand’s premises in the background. There are tabs available to learn more, as well as a search bar. On the left, the stock market price of LVMH is communicated.

In addition, there are again news articles around the brand and group. CTAs inviting you to join the LVMH Academy have been set up even less. The structure of the WordPress site ends with images on each side of the screen, inviting for one to discover the brand’s homes, and more about the group’s purpose, its mission, future projects for the ‘other’. To know.

2 Examples of WordPress sites to build a blog

Blog content is based on the creation and publication of individual articles.

Star Wars WordPress site example

star wars

The official Star Wars blog is characterized by a frequent and constant publication of articles surrounding the saga. At the top of the page is the Star Wars logo, as well as a button that invites you to login or register. Below, several tabs allow you to leave the blog to consult articles from around this science fiction universe (community, video, film, series, etc.).

The content of the blog itself comes down to a series of articles that follow each other across the page. On the right, a list of categories makes it possible to categorize different articles, making them easier for Internet users to find, or to consult articles related to very specific topics.

The bottom of the page invites you to follow Star Wars on various social networks.

ok dork wordpress site example

ok dorko

Ok Dork’s blog, directed by Noah Kagan, covers a variety of topics related to business and entrepreneurship. The structure of the blog is quite simple, consisting of parts that one can see immediately. At the top, tabs invite you to learn more about the blog and character, consult his Youtube channel, or subscribe to the newsletter.

Again, the center of the page focuses on what makes a blog, namely the article. Several articles follow each other, just click on the one that interests you. Again, calls to action are scattered across the rest of the page. We invite you to consult Blogger’s podcasts, receive emails, and more.

Tags allow you to search articles by the category to which they belong. If you’re new to the site it also has a list of the best articles to get you started.

Our tips for building a WordPress site

To build your WordPress site, start by knowing the category it belongs to. Then look at the known examples of websites in the same category as we mentioned above. It is important to identify the main points of the structure to motivate you.

If you would like to benefit from assistance with building a WordPress site, we are ready to put you in touch with competent and experienced developers who will be able to set up a website optimized for your activity.

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