WooCommerce: 6 Plugins to Improve Your Delivery

WordPress is by far the most used CMS in the world. This makes it all the more relevant to use WooCommerce, an e-commerce tool for WordPress that is so popular that it has managed to wipe out the competition. These two software are clearly on the rise: they are more and more stable, with more and more native features.

To improve the basic version of WooCommerce blooms a huge amount of plugins covering all aspects of e-commerce. This is especially the case with the delivery system required by any online store worthy of the name.

Let’s take a look at some plugins that can improve the “shipping – delivery” part of your online store!

1. WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Per Product

WordPress Plugin (Premium) WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Per Product Allows to define a message with estimated delivery date for all types of WooCommerce products (single or variable).

Thanks to this, you have the possibility to define the delivery date of the product not on the product detail page, but also on the shopping cart page, payment page and even on the “Orders” page located in the customer’s account.

Price: $27

2. Shipping Rate by Distance for WooCommerce

Shipping Rate by Distance for WooCommerce

Shipping Rate by Distance for WooCommerce is very useful if you have a local business and you deliver your products yourself. In fact, this Woocommerce plugin (Premium) uses distance to calculate delivery costs.

Easier to learn and more flexible than other similar plugins, Shipping Rate by Distance for WooCommerce is considered one of the best plugins for everyone who wants an easy way to get their products delivered within a limited range.

Price: $29

3. Divisional Relay

divisional relay

If you are addicted to online shopping then you surely know Mondial Riley. This is a service specializing in the delivery of parcels by Relay Points.

Operation is simple: You configure a flat-rate delivery method, then you connect individual relay points for delivery. When a customer validates his basket, he can choose a relay point near his home.

Mondial Relay has a plugin for integrating with WooCommerce.

Price: Available only in premium version, ie €65.80 excluding VAT/year.

4. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

When it comes to creating or even combining complex shipping methods, the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin really is the best.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping lets you create multiple shipping methods. The plugin’s conditional logic makes it possible to offer the customer only the shipping methods for which it is eligible. Its operation can be summarized by the following equation:

either [condition] is (equal, different, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to) [valeur]Shipping cost xxx€.

For example : If shipping country (Situation) Is equal To France (price), distribution is 8€,

That’s not enough, is it? A CD or 5 CDs will not cost the same. So we continue to add:

If Weight Is less than or equal to Feather 300 grams And the first rule is also met, delivery cost 8€,

And so on, until you find a very accurate price list! The developer is very available and responds very quickly in case of problems or questions.

Price: $18

5. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce allows you to notify your customers about the follow-up of their orders so that they can be followed up more easily.

After duly configured with one or more delivery providers, an icon will appear on each order: this allows you to add order tracking information. After adding the order tracking number, a link to the shipping provider’s tracking page appears.

From DHL to UPS, Post Office or even AliExpress, you can choose from over 300 different suppliers for your delivery. Of course, when adding tracking information to an order, only the sellers you work with and set up will appear in the drop-down list.

This plugin is packed with very practical options that save precious time, as evidenced by the possibility of automatic sending of parcel tracking emails according to different stages of shipment (completed, in delivery, as tracking is updated). You can also customize the template of the email in question.

Price: The free version is very well supplied, and the Pro version is available for 129€/year.

6.Advanced Local Pickup Pro

Advanced Local Pickup Pro

The Advanced Local Pickup plugin extends the basic WooCommerce methodology to help you manage clicks and collections in an easy way. For example, this tool lets you configure multiple pick-up locations, product availability per location, and more.

Price: 99€/year

our advice

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