Which RSS feeds aggregators to strengthen your monitoring?

Monitoring is an essential activity for your business. Whether monitoring partners, competitors or influencers, you need powerful tools to save time and optimize your monitoring work.

support rss feed Allows you to make a better selection of information sources without being overwhelmed by ads or unwanted content. You automatically receive all the latest information and articles published on sites that interest you.

In order to best fulfill this essential mission for your development, Kodur will provide you with 10 . provides RSS Feed Aggregators, Free Whether or not to group the monitored sites into one interface!

RSS Feed: What Exactly Is It?

rss feed is a specific file that contains automatically generated content as soon as it is updated on the monitored websites. The feed creator is free to choose the content, but as a general rule, it is the titles of the articles or pages that have been modified. These titles are often accompanied by a brief description of the content of updated articles or pages.

Acronyms RSS ,Really Simple Syndication) is a web page title stream structure that is agreed upon to ensure that this information is published in a format that is accessible to as many users as possible. this system is called Content Syndication “. It allows webmasters to integrate the RSS feed of their choice into their own web pages.

Professionals and individuals may register regularly in their e-mail inbox or through a specific application to find the latest information and updates from one or more websites that have decided Distribute your content in RSS,

1. How to set up an RSS feed?

Technically, an RSS feed is simply an XML formatted file that contains tags created to frame the content. These tags make it possible to identify whether it is a title, a link, or any other element.

The production of XML file from web page or database requires appropriate script using PHP, Java or any other suitable language. In general, the tools that make it possible to manage a CMS such as content or blogs already include functionality that makes it possible to generate RSS feeds easily.

If you want to follow and view RSS feeds, you need a script that can convert XML to HTML. that’s why you need rss feed aggregators who use this system. You can also find lists of RSS feeds that may be of interest to you. By subscribing, you regularly receive information that meets your needs. You can modify the periodicity of Alerts and the nature of the information you receive at any time.

2. How to identify sites that provide RSS feed service?

It prompts when a site publishes an RSS feed: You may see an orange background icon with XML or RSS text in white. There are sites that do not create content, but which reflect content delivered by other sites through the RRS flow. Most of the time, these are directories.

10 RSS Feed Aggregators for Successful Monitoring

If you want to track information related to your area of ​​activity or if you do surveillance, you will need to choose a device that meets your needs. Here are 10 RSS feed aggregators that will make your life easier.


The principle of Content Aggregator is to save you time. You no longer need to log into each site to monitor, as it does it for you, fetches new content and presents it in the dashboard. All you have to do is launch the application in the morning or during your break, and read the content that interests you.

That’s what Netvibes offers you. You can also automate certain tasks like sharing articles on your social networks according to predefined keywords.

2. Old Reader

Old Reader is an RSS feed aggregator that centralizes monitoring. Very close to Google Reader, it was one of the best alternatives when the Google service took off. You can export the stream to play in an interface.

The software is simple and practical to set up and use. Actual connection via Google or Facebook account. You can also store and order your feeds in folders for easy reading. Note that this aggregator is available on desktop and mobile.

3. Newsblur

NewsBlur is a simple and easy-to-use RSS feed aggregator. Slightly less practical than others, you have to take the time to take an interest in it to really harness all of its potential.

Sources can be added manually or via an OPML file to enrich your watch. The side menu allows easy management of folders (which can be created with a single click) categorized by theme. It’s up to you to categorize your links by client, type of surveillance (competitive, legal, marketing, etc.) or topic, to make it easier to find relevant content.

4. Inoreader

Available since 2015, Inoreader is a tool valued by monitoring experts. Like all the tools we’ve just looked at, Inoreader allows you to list sites to monitor. This allows a more modern system of RSS feeds to be set up.

The RSS feed aggregator developed by Innologica in Bulgaria has excellent service records. InoReader goes beyond just collecting information by creating a gateway for pages on social networks: this feature makes exporting articles fairly easy. This RSS aggregator also gives valuable information about the feed.

It aims to save you as much time as possible by offering to automatically categorize the best content for you. You define keywords and the tool first shows you articles with predefined words.

Of course, if you wish, you can display the links in chronological order.

Inoreader also allows for team management of several different feeds. This feature is very practical when multiple people work on the watch.

5. Hootsuite

It cannot be denied, Hootsuite is a great tool for managing social networks and monitoring in general. It also acts as an RSS feed aggregator, as you can integrate your favorite blogs and sites into the dashboard. It allows you to share interesting articles on your social networks in just a few clicks.

Hootsuite also allows you to add columns to the dashboard with Twitter searches. You visualize tweets published with predefined keywords in real time to find interesting content, react to, or follow new Internet users.

6. Omiya Reader

The Omiya Reader is less well known than previous devices, but it’s just as intuitive. You can group your feeds into folders to categorize your monitoring efficiently. A search engine integrated into the tool helps you find interesting content for your information or to share on your social networks.

You can also configure Omiya Reader to read only excerpts or to create personalized scenes for easier reading.


Feedreader is an ergonomic, intuitive and easy-to-use RSS feed aggregator. Free and in French, it allows you to conduct effective monitoring on selected sites. This tool is interesting for classifying and viewing a large amount of content. The reading windows are simple and cool. It is enough to quickly look and judge the main information in the material!

8. Feedly, the free RSS feed aggregator for up to 100 sources

feedly rss

Feedly grew quickly for the many Google Reader users picked up after that service was shut down. Available since 2008, Feedly is distinguished by an exceptional user experience.

Its success is attributed to its ergonomics and its many features. Its classic presentation ensures ease of use. Articles you want to read later can be moved to a “read later” waiting list.

Keyboard shortcuts make it even easier to use Free RSS Feed Aggregator :J To see the next article; K to see the previous one, L to postpone reading, X to share articles on social networks, etc.

9. Feeders: Information Collection and Filters


itrss feed aggregatorIdeal for gathering information from multiple sources: news, blog posts, social media posts, job offers, weather, newspapers, etc. Viewing all the news on the web requires only one glance.

The feeder notifies you of news with a single notification. It helps you to better sort the data and filter the content. Then you will receive only the information that interests you. Feeder lets you share feeds and articles with a group of users (teams, collaborators, etc.).

You will appreciate its design quality and user-friendliness. Thanks to the performance of its filters, it becomes easy to find the data of your interest. If you choose to use Feeder, you can easily share your content on social networks without leaving this interface.

10. Taptu, RSS Feed Aggregator With Its Customizable Dashboard


Taptu is an RSS feed aggregator that makes it easy to manage and view dozens of blog posts, news and information. Thanks to its customizable dashboard and streamstore, information sources are categorized and easy to locate.

Users can select the sources that interest them by creating categories of information (politics, history, facts, finance, etc.). You can preview sources of information before choosing the most relevant sources. You can drag and drop feeds into the dashboard to quickly categorize them.

With Taptu, you have the possibility to import Google Reader feeds, create feeds by setting specific keywords for each feed. You also have a feature that allows you to integrate content across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

our tip

All you have to do is test these tools to find the best one that meets your expectations.

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Do you know of other monitoring tools or platforms? Share them in the comments!

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