Which professional bank card to choose in 2022?

Even if the law does not require it, having a professional bank card is useful and beneficial to your freelance activity. It allows you to better track your expenses, separate your personal and business purchases, and take control of your cash flow – among other things.

Indeed, a professional bank card has many advantages! Furthermore, in this article produced with our partner Blank, we will list its advantages and advise you on choosing the right bank.

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Benefits of business credit cards

The purpose of a professional bank card is to be able to make payments with ease, while not separating them from your personal expenses.

Most banks will automatically provide you with a business card to make purchases necessary for your business. This is a case of Blanc in any case. And you are fully interested in accepting this professional bank card!

We explain why…

it is the epitome of professionalism

A freelancer without a professional credit card is blocked in his transactions, especially in his daily purchases. Checks, bank transfers or cash are impractical and can tarnish your image with your customers.

In fact, if you have to spend in front of them (for example, by inviting them to a restaurant), they may wonder why you don’t have a credit card at a time when everyone has one… It may be about your creditworthiness and you run the risk of missing out on a contract.

Professional credit card makes managing your expenses easy

A business credit card means that your personal expenses are separate from those of your business.

Regular statements tell you how you are managing your cash flow. At any time, you can adopt strategies to improve your margins, including reducing certain business expenses.

Not to mention that in the digital age, subscribing to online tools is common. However, a credit card is required to be able to do this! Without it, you are at risk of being blocked on a daily basis…

To better manage your Treasury activities

If you have a bank card for your freelance activity, you have a professional account. Today, most banks, such as Blank, allow you to easily track your cash flow through a mobile application and an intuitive web interface.

Reimburse customers, pay your charges… You get a clear, real-time view of your cash flow, using your credit card to pay for professional purchases. This is not necessarily the case with transfers, electronic payments or checks, which sometimes have longer collection times.

compliance with tax authorities

Tax bodies randomly check accounts of self-employed persons. If you have control, you will be happy to choose a professional bank card!

In fact, this means of payment makes it easy to research and analyze your expenses. You’ll be able to justify them more easily than paying by check or cash. Beyond that, the usefulness of a business account is the same: At least your personal cash flow doesn’t get mixed up with your business expenses.

Automatic URSSAF declaration from your empty account

majority of

Our partner blank automates your URSSF declaration. This allows you to save time while being in compliance with the law.

How to choose your professional bank card?

Before selecting a professional bank card to use, here are a few things to check in order to choose the one that best meets your needs!

Business card with instant or deferred debit?

Banks can offer 2 modes of card payment:

  • Instantly Debited: Your purchases are immediately debited from the account.
  • Deferred Debit: Your purchases are debited at the end of the month (or on a predetermined date with the bank).

Some banks give you options. It is up to you what is most practical for your activity. For example, if your customers make payments 30 or 60 days past the end of the month, turning to a professional bank card that offers deferred debit may be relevant.

Business card with instant or deferred debit?


Fees are one of the main criteria to check when choosing your business bank card. As you know, banks make monthly debits for the maintenance or management of your pro account. But does this cost include the credit card? For some establishments this will be the case, for others it will not.

Also, many banks offer you the card during the first year. So don’t forget to check its value for years to come…

Finally, if you travel regularly for your business, check the fees for transactions abroad.

Benefits offered

As a freelancer, you should look for a professional bank card that will free you from core fees and provide benefits that suit your activities.

For example, with your credit card, Blank reimburses you for one month of subscription to Kodur Pro Max!

If you subscribe to the “Carte Noir” offer, you benefit from physical insurance and loss of income guaranteed.

Clear Freelance Pro Account

4 professional bank card offers

To help you with your choice, we have put together 4 banks that offer a professional bank card for freelancers.

1. blank


Let’s start with your partner! A subsidiary of Credit Agricole, Blank offers to save you 2 hours per month managing your activity. Here it saves time to reinvest in the development of your activities. How? ‘ or ‘ what? By automating your URSSAF announcements and creating your quotes and invoices in 17 seconds!

In addition, organization simplifies your processes. It will take you hardly 5 minutes to create your online account and get a professional bank card from €7 per month.

Another advantage of Blanc: its guarantee. For example, in case of hospitalization, Blank maintains your income of €120 per day for 70 days.

The bank also stands out for its quality customer service: its consultants are available 7 days a week and respond in 1 minute 30 (on average) via their chat.

2. Konto


With Qonto, the Mastercard Business Professional Bank card is €9 per month. You can also order physical, virtual or short-term cards, which are practical for making purchases online.

The bank offers various insurances depending on the level of the card chosen. Most of the guarantees relate to foreign trips. So Qonto can be interesting for freelancers who travel internationally frequently.

3. Hello Bank

hello bank

Through its business offer, Hello Bank offers a Visa card with immediate or deferred debit at €10.90 per month. You can control it easily from its application: block and unblock it, adjust payment or withdrawal limits, synchronize it with Apple, etc.

4. Glow


Shine offers an offering dedicated to freelancers. This includes a professional MasterCard bank card for € 7.90/month and a practical tool to manage your invoices and quotes online.

The supplied MasterCard allows you to pay up to €10,000 per week and has hospitalization insurance.

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Now you know how to choose a business bank card that meets your needs.

Remember to check the hidden costs and insurance to select a bank that can meet your expectations and your budget!

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