Call Tracking: The 2023 Tool to Improve Your Marketing and Sales Performance

Did you know that most purchase intentions occur during a phone call to a company? And that despite the considerable evolution of contact points, the telephone remains the preferred method of contact for your potential customers? This is why it is important not to neglect follow up calls in calculating the ROI of your campaigns!

That’s where Magnetis call-tracking comes in handy. This tracking solution is essential in helping you improve your marketing campaigns and streamline telephone journeys.

Call Tracking What is it?

Call-tracking involves monitoring the Company’s incoming and outgoing calls, and thereby collecting data necessary for analyzing your marketing operations and the performance of your telephone calls.

Magnetis is a call-tracking solution developed for this purpose, providing you with the most reliable and complete results in an easy-to-use interface. Convenient and easy to set up, this call tracking tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types and doesn’t require any changes to telephony!

Incoming call-tracking: performance measurement for your calls

Inbound call-tracking helps determine which communication channels generate the most inbound leads.

To do this, Magnetis Solutions assigns a dedicated tracking number to each channel you use for your campaigns (online and offline). For example, you can track calls from:

  • an internet site,
  • a google business listing,
  • google ads ads,
  • social network,
  • poster campaign,
  • flyers or business cards,
  • Advertisement Portal…

As you may have guessed, every telephone contact point can be measured! This makes it possible to better understand the behavior of the prospect and his journey through the sales funnel, and to identify the communication actions that best convert.

18% of Missed Calls in 2021 Across All Regions Combined, These Are the Things You Can Recover Thanks to Call-Tracking!

Thanks to the interface that makes data available in real time, discover different indicators:

  • Dashboard : Received, missed and average call duration
  • Geographical Statistics: By country, region, department and city
  • Periodic Data: call peaks per day and per hour
  • Area statistics: Compare your call performance with your industry
  • Behavioral Data: Internet users (pages viewed before and after call, duration of visit before call)

In short, all this data will allow you to evaluate the business performance of your communication channels, make strategic and organizational decisions, streamline your customer journey and most of all optimize your marketing budget!

Outgoing Call-Tracking: Make sure you’ve contacted all your potential customers again!

Now that you measure the performance of your communication medium on your phone calls and you’ve streamlined your phone journey, you can optimize your lead processing!

When they fill a form or contact request online, getting back to them promptly is essential not only commercially but also to maintain a good brand image.

Outgoing call-tracking does the opposite of incoming call-tracking, ie the calls you should make to your prospects who have made the first request. This new call-tracking brick lets you:

  • number of leads to follow up with,
  • reminder deadline,
  • Callback result.

Thus, commercial teams get alerts to not miss any business opportunity.

The data collected is used to determine the ideal time to call, but also to learn more about the duration of calls made by your company.

How to improve your business performance with call-tracking?

Thanks to the analyzes that it allows you to place, call-tracking helps you to optimize your various communication actions, but also to refine the treatment of all your prospects.

So how can it guide you in setting up an effective strategy? Answer.

1. Measure the ROI of Your Communication Activities

Since communication campaigns represent a fairly significant cost to your business, it is important to measure the return on investment (ROI), not just the leads generated via the Internet.

Thus, with all the data collected through call-tracking, you will be able to pinpoint the ROI of your marketing actions.

You would be surprised to know that some advertising campaigns work wonders once incoming calls are factored into the count!

An accurate ROI calculation will help you develop a new strategy, or even confirm the success of an existing strategy. You can then optimize your marketing budget by focusing on your best campaigns. Enough to maintain your performance over the long term!

2. Streamline the customer journey and exchange of information

Call-tracking is not just a tool for measuring incoming calls! Its indicators and features also allow you to optimize your telephone journey to streamline exchanges and be proactive in handling your calls.

Internally, you can automatically send missed call reports and alerts by email to get the right information to the right people.

To improve your brand image with your potential customers, set up sending SMS on missed calls. Thus, callers receive your personalized message as soon as their call attempt is unsuccessful. You reassure your prospects and initiate a business relationship despite your non-availability.

Increase your conversion rate on your missed calls by including a link to an online form in your SMS.

3. Adapt to your prospects’ behavior and qualify them through telephone exchanges

Geographical and periodic statistics will allow you to know from which region, department or city prospects are contacting you, but above all what time of the week and day incoming calls are most favorable.

It is also possible to know the source of the call before taking the call. This allows you to better adapt your sales pitch depending on where the prospect is coming from!

Magnetis Call Tracking

In fact, the Magnetis call-tracking platform offers you another feature, Whisper. This allows your sales reps to know the source of the call immediately after picking up the call and before engaging in a conversation with the caller.

Once you’ve exchanged with your prospects, qualify them with speech-to-text! This feature allows you to identify pre-selected keywords so that you can qualify your phone calls.

4. Improve Lead Tracking and Handling

“The right message, to the right person… at the right time!”

If there’s ever a moment when intent to buy is strongest, it’s when the prospect has made a contact request. If incoming call-tracking allows you to be responsive and proactive to your phone calls, outgoing call-tracking allows you not to miss any online request.

Thanks to this feature, you optimize the processing of prospects who have made a request online (for example by filling out a form). This way your teams get an email alert to contact the prospect within 24 hours. With this solution, don’t miss out on business opportunities!

in conclusion

Now you know what call-tracking is and what significant benefits it can bring to your company’s deployment.

Adopted by over 12,000 users, a solution like Magnetis is essential to measuring the quality of your business communication operations. You can even customize your display’s measurements!

Ask for your free demo link, have a go at it to try it out ?

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