What levers are available to you to develop a social entrepreneurship policy within your company?

Some societies, integrated into economic and competitive systems, may satisfy social, social or environmental needs. The “social” nature must be noted in the objective of the company or recorded by the shareholders. How to subscribe to such an approach?

The 2020 Social Entrepreneurship Barometer, published in partnership with Ashoka, Avis, Mauves, Opinion Way and Orange, highlights the key role social entrepreneurs play in achieving the ecological transition and building a “world of tomorrow”. ยป More social, sustainable and supportive.

Ecology, it should be emphasized, gradually established himself as major problem, The current health crisis is sharpening this awareness and underscoring the need to rethink our economic model.

social and solidarity economy (ESS), a major player in this ecological and social transition. Social entrepreneurs demonstrate that an alternative model in which ecology and economy are harmonized is possible.

  • 68% of French people associate the notions of social entrepreneurship and ecological transition, with this figure rising to 93% for social entrepreneurs.
  • 80% of the general public believe that social entrepreneurs have a role to play in building a post-crisis economy, particularly in dealing with its consequences, such as unemployment.
  • 45% of 18-24 year olds say they are interested in the social and solidarity economy to start their activity (+2 points), and 59% to work there (+9 points).

Introduce a social entrepreneurship policy within a company

Each company can integrate one or more components, with strictly speaking constraints, without becoming a “social enterprise”.

– At the social level: For example, a business manager may make decisions on a scale of remuneration from 1 to 10 (the standard applicable in social enterprises). This makes it possible to choose between paying better remuneration to its employees or limiting the selling price of certain products or services in order to reach as many people as possible. He may also choose to integrate more people in difficulty (due to disability, unemployment, poor integration, etc.) into his team.

– The manager may favor ethical or local procurement to boost the local economy.

The company can also work to reduce its ecological impact and favor sustainable solutions. So it will produce goods that are repairable and do not become obsolete quickly. It may also consider collaboration systems with other people (skills, premises or equipment sharing) and create or develop a circular economy hub.

Implementation of a Social Entrepreneurship Policy

Within a company, the implementation of a social entrepreneurship policy requires the consent of everyone: decision-makers, shareholders, and employees. This should also be explained to the suppliers and/or the customers concerned (nature of purchase, indicative maximum resale value of the products, etc.). Similarly, it would be interesting to liaise with local authorities and associations to assess needs for creating solidarity within the community and to consider the means implemented by other actors.

Not necessarily encourage social entrepreneurs without becoming one

Without being obliged to adhere to the standards applicable in social entrepreneurship, a manager may favor this economic sector without expecting exorbitant returns, awarding contracts, or even investing in social enterprise capital. can decide. So there can be many variations of following the social entrepreneurship approach and everyone can find their place and adopt it at their own pace.

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