What are the items an entrepreneur must own to stay 100% connected?

In the world of entrepreneurs, accountability can be crucial to a company’s growth. This requires being able to work on files and maintain contact with employees and suppliers at all times. Entrepreneurs often need to stay connected even when away from office computers and phone lines. What items do you need to achieve this goal?

a smartphone, of course

If there’s only one item to choose from to stay 100% connected, it’s definitely the smartphone. This is a real little computer today that is used in addition to making telephone calls. It then allows you, anywhere, to make or receive calls, check your e-mail, manage your bank account, read a document, and more. To make your work easier, do not hesitate to download specific applications that will allow you to stay connected in an optimal way and thanks to it being able to process everything. The smartphone is even more essential as it often allows other connected objects to function and you can share your connection if necessary.

a wifi key

Wi-Fi keys let you keep the network even when you’re not near your box. They are now very popular and widely affordable. If they aren’t useful all the time, they can be a life saver when you’re on the go. If, now, most tourist places such as hotels or stations have a WiFi connection, this gives you access to a more secure network and can be very useful if you don’t have access to the one on Square. This also applies if you are in a hurry to log in without asking for an access code.

linked watches

Connected watches are now objects that also allow for data storage. Not only do they allow you to receive notifications of messages, e-mails or calls, but they also give you storage space for all the devices you use. They give everyone the opportunity to benefit from a personal cloud to store all their types of files and read them on computers, tablets and smartphones. They are especially useful if you decide to sync your data across all your devices, which saves you having to update on each device.

connected wristband

Like a smartwatch, the connected bracelet allows the entrepreneur to stay connected even while jogging or playing tennis. It can primarily be used to monitor physical activity, including heart rate or distance traveled. Plus, it will vibrate or send a notification in the event of a call or message received through synchronization with a smartphone, for example. Without having to hang up his phone all the time, the entrepreneur will be able to maintain a direct relationship with his partners.

a surveillance camera

For those under stress, a surveillance camera allows you to see from afar when a company’s premises are empty: at night, during vacations, while traveling, etc. Through this intermediary, you protect your files, devices or stable stock at any time. Above all, you can respond quickly in the event of an intrusion or even keep evidence of a possible crime.

To avoid being glued to your surveillance camera, some companies offer to send you an alert on the contractor’s phone in the event of suspicious activity. Similarly, the camera will send live video streams or photos to the phone, these files can serve as evidence in case of theft or damage.

a quick translator

Any entrepreneur is brought in to exchange with foreign interlocutors. If for written exchange, it remains easy to consult an online translation dictionary, some connected objects now allow instant and high-quality oral translation, particularly through a mobile’s Internet connection. These 100% connected translators use existing online translation services. They allow easy communication during video conferences, business meetings or phone calls with interlocutors who do not speak the same language.

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