Dare to Use Humor in Oral Presentation

As well as simple and complex, the practice of humor becomes very common during oral presentations. Speakers who lack experience or experienced lecturers, speakers are not allowed to build a link with the public and revive attention without this simple and effective technique. Humor shouldn’t be used at all costs, as part of an oral presentation and you need to learn to master it. Yes, but why dare?

Use humor to grab the audience’s attention

In recent years, it has become clear that over-professional speeches that simply seek to sell or present are boring. It’s rare to be surprised during a presentation, and even if you are, a score or two at most will grab your audience’s attention. Today, during an intervention, we no longer seek to just learn a few points, but to share the exception or at least have an enjoyable time.

So the speaker must capture and hold the attention of the public, which can get complicated when you know the average attention span doesn’t last more than a few minutes. Humor can restore the rhythm, take the audience by surprise, and ultimately divert attention. If the audience responds positively to the speaker’s humor, they have already done a lot towards the success of the transmission of their message.

Add Pepper to the Presentation to Facilitate Broadcasting

Obviously, the results or functionality, other than to amaze everyone (it can happen but it remains rare), are not enough to disseminate your information to your listeners. During the broadcast, by adding a little humor, the speaker avoids making a monotonous speech that is of little interest.

For your audience, it’s easier to share an anecdote or a little humor to talk about useful new features of your product or services, for example, than to discuss them seriously. Humor above all helps to remember and allows you to avoid slipping into oblivion. So adding a little spice may be a necessity, even if the whole exercise requires a good dose of jokes. You should stay within the context of the topic to avoid any overflow and also not hurt the seriousness of your development.

Humor: Ideal for fighting stress

Tension affects the oral presentation for both you and your interlocutors. This can upset you and you may lose track of your thoughts. To avoid this, a good dose of humor, especially based on a personal experience, allows you to not only read the speech but return to the elements of the living.

Physically, it relaxes your muscles and reduces stress hormones. Not only do you build relationships with the masses but you phase yourself with them. Laughter has the advantage of hiding your stress from the public who will surely think you have confidence in yourself. Your sense of tension will go away as you strike a chord with your audience.

To create humor, several great techniques are hitchhiking:

  • Surprise the public all the time. Humor isn’t just about telling jokes. This can be done by means of a simple short remark, to evoke a humorous opinion on a fact or a specific idea, to react to such and such circumstance. You shouldn’t let your audience guess your humor. To optimize the result you should try to surprise her and create amazing effects.
  • Practice self-mocking during your presentation, Then you decide to be the center of public interest. This position does not allow you to neglect the importance of your audience. You have to be grateful because you can quickly give in to a sense of self-defense. Without an audience, your speech is nothing, so don’t overlook it. Practicing self-mocking allows you to expose your audience, while avoiding putting yourself too far ahead. Be careful to keep a certain limit to prevent your humor from becoming ridiculous.
  • Hyperbola, The speaker can introduce his humor through exaggeration. In stressful situations, look for a humorous angle while exaggerating the problem like a satirist. Humor is learned from exaggeration. The speaker must learn to develop a humorist by deliberately exaggerating a fact, especially from the absurd. For this he has to give free rein to his imagination.

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