What are the dysfunctions of large groups

cyber attacks on the rise, they Undermining companies in all sectors, regardless of their size. Thinking that your business will be spared allows you to close your eyes, but not to avoid them. In addition, malfunctions, wear and tear, and human errors are often the cause of many difficulties., VYou are not immune to collapses like OVH, with fires crippling many companies.

If it’s undeniable that the big conglomerates rule the Internet and are the essential leaders of our e-daily today, however, they’re not far from it. Whether you’re a large group or self-employed, you’re not immune to error. This can harm the stability of the company and should be avoided at all costs.

1. Facebook, problem posting articles

You know that you can publish articles and links on Facebook, which represents an excellent medium of dissemination considering that it has more than a billion users. Since 2011, the American firm has allowed anyone to modify the titles and titles of publications. Its purpose is to allow Optics users to modify potential display problems.

But now, not all users are serious. Actually, so they can completely modify the title of your article as well as the information in the title. Although it is possible to “convert” the post in this way, the shares will actually continue to circulate on the social network, thus spreading bad information. An update may come soon. Hopefully this feature will be removed or reserved for the originator of the post.

2. Google Photos, problem while uninstalling

Another failure, this time at the Mountain View firm. Since May, Google Photos has allowed you to sync all your photos to and from your mobile without storage limits or extra cost. The application also allows you to organize your photos automatically. However, if you want to uninstall this application so that you no longer upload your photos online, you will have a bit of a problem.

Syncing continues even after uninstalling Google Photos. To control synchronization, simply go to the settings of your Google account. You would then disable synchronization, this in itself is a simple process. This should be automatic when the application is removed. A bad point, therefore, for lack of respect for your personal life and lack of clarity that can frustrate clients.

In an official press release sent to the 9to5Google site, the Mountain View firm succinctly declares: ” We are aware of the problem and are working to solve it. Original photos are not affected. ,

3. Apple is having problems with its Keychain Access app

Apple encounters a malfunction with the “Keychain Access” application. A team of academics has pointed out a flaw in the iOS and OS X operating systems. It is indeed possible, despite the very secure regulatory system, to validate a malicious application with the intention of downloading it from the App Store.

A user who downloads this application, whether on his smartphone or on his computer, will be exposed to hacking of all his passwords saved in his keychain. Thus, iCloud, Mail, but also all other passwords saved by Google Chrome. While these apps are meant to make our lives easier, you might want to think twice about giving all your passwords to an app that can get hacked. The best solution is still the old fashioned way: Let your memory do the work.

Finally, in general, all electronic service providers are vulnerable to PRISM, the US program of Electronic Surveillance by Data Collection. While some large conglomerates (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft) claim to have strengthened their network security against the threat of espionage, they are not immune to system flaws. This would really put your professional and personal data at risk.

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