VPS, a reliable and secure hosting option

In a world highly affected by cybercrime, we have already given you some useful advice on securing servers. In this article, we have mentioned 10 tips to make your server as secure as possible: Passwords, HTTPS, Updates, Disabling unused services and ports, Malicious software and behavior analysis, Firewall, Changing SSH port and Public and Authentication by private key.

Today, renowned hosts IONOS and Codeur.com are joining forces to present you with all the benefits of hosting on a Virtual Private Server, or VPS, for maximum security and stability.

Advantages of a VPS

VPS hosting has many advantages. In addition to the excellent security it provides, a virtual private server allows you to achieve exceptional performance on your website.

enhance security

VPS provides optimal security for all data and users of your servers due to a combination of several elements:

  • an ssl certificate Such as the wildcard SSL certificates that IONOS includes in all of its virtual private server offerings.
  • powerful firewall : In IONOS, each firewall on your VPS is customizable through individual rules that can be set up through the Cloud Panel. IONOS Cloud Panel allows simplified management of each customer’s respective VPS.
  • ddos protection : To strengthen the firewall to counter any external malicious intrusion that may alter the operation and access of the website on the server.
  • regular data backup : At variable frequency according to the policy adopted by each supplier.

unlimited traffic

Some VPS offers do not limit traffic on your server. This is especially the case with the VPS offered by IONOS, which guarantees you unlimited traffic and lets you forget about the slowdown associated with traffic restrictions.

A significant benefit when you know that a reduction in loading time of 100 milliseconds generates a 0.5% increase in items placed in the basket on an e-commerce site!

better performance

Virtual private servers provide great performance. Thanks to virtualization, they are more responsive and secure than traditional servers. The power of VPS guarantees optimal operation at all levels.

IONOS guarantees 99.99% availability of your projects hosted on its VPS: your sites are always online and never down!

Ability to host multiple websites on a single virtual server

VPS becomes your personalized hosting, according to your needs.

For example, a company can host its development site and production site on the same VPS. The same is true for a web development agency, which can host its various clients’ sites on its single VPS.

VPS optimized for all uses

Virtual Private Servers cater to all hosting needs.

You can also set up a classic showcase site, blog or online store for e-commerce.

VPS can also be used as a web development platform, which acts as a hosting service for testing applications on a virtual server.

It is possible to integrate CRM or use it for data hosting. There are several offers to suit your use and your needs. And always, with a guarantee of flawless operation.

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Pay attention to the different offers on the market:

classic vps

The best option for the best value for the most basic uses. Formulations with variable performance and price are available for purchase, depending on your needs.

IONOS starts its VPS offering from €1 exclusive VAT per month.

VPS with optimized RAM

RAM size and speed are important factors when choosing your VPS.

The larger and faster the RAM, the more capable the server will be of accepting large flows of data and using active data at any given time. You have to think of RAM as a real optimized workspace. Imagine that you are offered a huge workspace in exchange for the simple tea tray you have been working on.

It should have the power for activities like gaming, 3D modeling, or streaming large amounts of code.

For more specialized uses, VPS with optimized RAM available from IONOS gives you more performance than classic VPS. These VPS adapt to your needs with scalable formulas from €3 per month exclusive VAT.

VPS with optimized CPU

CPU is equal to processor. It mainly manages the data processing of the computer. It is also responsible for transmitting information to other components of the machine. If we go back to our example of RAM, compared to a large workspace, a faster processor will be like a friend who comes to help you with your work.

Here again, IONOS offers several VPS offerings with optimized CPUs to provide you with ultra-efficient hosting. You can take advantage of these virtual private servers for €3 per month excluding VAT.

IONOS VPS hosting combines performance and security

Thanks to these many data centers located all over Europe or the United States, IONOS gets your new server deployed in just minutes!

All of the host’s offerings include Plesk Obsidian software that allows you to easily configure your VPS through an intuitive and secure interface. Root access gives you full control over your VPS to fully customize your server to suit your project and your needs.

Entrust your VPS to a trusted host: IONOS has never recorded a critical incident in its 30 years of existence!

Having trouble setting up your VPS? Count on expert server support available 24/7.

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