Veg Portage: Now a Comprehensive Practice

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur at heart, salary payments have become a common practice. It has experienced impressive growth in recent years and should continue to be an increasingly used formula. Take a look at its features as well as the reasons for using it.

Salary Portage in a Nutshell

Article L.A. of Ordinance No. 2015-380 dated April 2, 2015. In 1254-1 we are given the definition of wage portage. First, it is a relationship that involves three parties; A salary portage company, a client company and an employee are often referred to as “carried”. Simply put, it is a hybrid form of work that falls somewhere between the salaried and the self-employed. In this case, there are two contracts that have been signed. One commercial contract between the wearer and the customer company that negotiates the mission and the other is an employment contract between the pay portage company and the wearer. The latter can be CDD or CDI. So it makes it possible to overcome certain obstacles and achieve a certain security. learn more.

benefit to each other

For a carry, freelance or independent, the main advantage remains that he becomes an employee of the carried company. So he can benefit from all the social security of this situation and most important of all: unemployment. This is not the only advantage for the latter, especially for those who hate the administrative part of freedom. He, in fact, does not edit his invoices and does not take care of chasing down the customer for payment or just following them. He gets his salary from the payroll company. Another advantage: Wage portage companies usually have a network of consultants, which can make it possible to find assignments provided, of course, that you know your skills and know-how to highlight.

To the client company, you are not its employee. You are technically a service provider and therefore do not enter the workforce. So sometimes this solution is preferred to avoid threshold effects. The main reason why client companies use it is because this formula allows them to have a certain value regarding a mission and it saves them from having to manage a single employee. Your mission should be accomplished and they don’t have to worry about how you achieve it, like any service provider.

Why isn’t everyone using it?

We can say that there are only advantages to using it, but of course there are also equivalents. The main one is the cost as one has to pay the social contribution, but also the payroll company for the management cost. They are logically calculated with respect to the turnover generated by you, as your contribution, converted into salary, will also be there. Transparency is a legal obligation in this area and management fees are sometimes negotiable. They fluctuate between 3 and 10% of the turnover. The percentage can vary based on a variety of factors and it is important to take into account all factors rather than percentages before determining the umbrella company you use. Another reason: Not all professions are affected by veg portage. Therefore it is necessary to check that your profession can be used in this form.

Who are the main users?

Wedge portage is primarily for professionals who have autonomy and often a skill, sometimes a rarity. The wearer’s information is often identified by customer companies. There can be many reasons why companies don’t recruit straight-wearing people. Of course, for the threshold effects mentioned above, but it could also be because the mission is only temporary or quite simply because the porter’s salary would be much higher if he were taken on full-time. On the lift side, a desire for independence, freedom of organization or even security may encourage him to lean towards this position. This is why we will primarily find veteran or entrepreneur profiles in this formula, even though it is not rare today to see juniors opting for this solution.

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