All Points to Consider While Setting Up an Ecommerce Site!

E-commerce sites are thriving but they must provide added value in the face of competition. Obviously my dear Watson! And yet it is not so obvious that launching an e-commerce site that will become a reference. It is not enough to be able to build a site and offer a product or products, services or services. Yes, you have to know the ups and downs of the website very well and cut with unstoppable logic, like our dear Sherlock.

You want to launch your e-commerce site and stand out on the internet. Do you know what are the important things to keep in mind?

legal point of view

First, your site published on a professional basis must include information related to the general terms of sale, contact details of the company or individual entrepreneur, a contact email, a telephone number including the cost of communication, registration. Activity with officials and contact details of the host. The Cnil Simplified Declaration Number is strongly recommended if you collect customer data. Internet users should also be informed of the cookies’ submission and accept this collection.

An online sales site must include prices in Euros including VAT. Payment terms should be specified: cost and delivery date, after-sales service, right of withdrawal, period of offer.

When building a site, be careful not to copy any of your competitors’ sites. If your site is too similar you can be prosecuted for unfair competition! The domain name should not include the same domain name as the other company. Also, if you sell shoes and your domain name includes the word Nike, for example, you run the risk of being considered a cyber-squatter.

Be careful not to over-advertise. The message should be as clear as possible to avoid misleading advertising. Comparative advertising should be handled with great care. To avoid condemnation of disrespect, prices must relate to similar products and services for the same period.

As you grow your business, these traps ruin your message and the reputation of the company. You run the risk of a fine of up to several million euros…

Everything you need to know to develop a sustainable business activity on the web

Before starting your business activity, you should be ready and sure about yourself. This will involve defining a clear business strategy (know your supply network, keeping stock, delivery times, knowing your products and competition prices) and bringing the site to life: animating content, offers, promotions and news .

Communication should be expected for any activity launch. Don’t forget to plan the budget and think in advance how and through what to communicate and also take care of the presentation of the offer: Since the sale is done remotely, it is important to present the offer thoroughly. The offer should be sales, sexy, detailed, that’s marketing. Internet user wants to buy your products.

Demonstrate good logistics: Find the best solutions for shipping products. You will need to select the correct carriers for the type of product you are shipping. It all depends on the delivery areas, the price of the products and the size of the package. Who will prepare the order for shipment?

Honor Your Commitments: When a customer orders over the Internet, the purchase doesn’t stop at the purchase order, but rather when the buyer receives their product and is satisfied. Delivery deadlines must be respected. Don’t forget to anticipate customer requirements: You have to be accountable in the event of disputes, quick email responses, quick delivery. Positive word of mouth happens quickly, but the reverse is also true if you don’t deliver on your promises. Develop a Good Customer Relationship: It is important to build customer loyalty by being persistent! But always stay tuned and adapt to the market to take the guesswork out of it. We can diversify and add new products that are in demand.

Lastly, generating qualified traffic is one of the imperatives. Visitors can also find you through a price comparator, search engines, ad space on Google, newsletters or through affiliations. Be open minded and try to implement innovative ideas. The advantage of the Internet is that you can follow everything in real time. You can determine the interests of the buyers.

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