The Tips That Made These Crowdfunding Campaigns So Popular

Every day, on the web we see Requests to participate in a project appear. If at the beginning of crowdfunding campaigns, entrepreneurs understood that this would allow them to find money when banks closed their doors to them and many investors did not hesitate to participate, today caution should be exercised due to various scams. Those who have tarnished the image of this excellent idea.

a thriving business

In France, crowdfunding has been in constant development for several years. Thus, in 2022 has been a banner year for crowdfunding. Amount collected: €2,355 million on the platform, an increase of +25% compared to 2021. Since 2015, the figures have been multiplied by 14, totaling more than 7 billion euros, all transaction models combined (gifts, loans, investments).


To get funding, you have to be convinced about the relevance of the project and therefore to launch an effective crowdfunding campaign, certain techniques can optimize your chances of raising funds. Here are 4 little secrets that have created a wealth of successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Connected Cooler: Shows you have a product ready to use

The Connected Cooler “The Coolest Cooler” raised nearly $13 million on the crowdfunding Kickstarter platform. This worldwide success was possible only because of a well researched campaign. The project was presented in a very accessible conversational language that touches the interlocutor and immediately establishes a relationship of trust. But the campaign’s greatest asset is its selection of videos and photos that show not only an idea in progress, but a finished product that both investors and consumers dream about.

Extreme Toolbox: Offering a Product That Fills a Need

In order to get money for your crowdfunding campaign, you must first come up with an idea that can solve a problem for a large number of people. extreme toolbox “The Coolbox Toolbox” He was able to raise $224,000 before his campaign ended. The reason for such success is simple: Toolbox already fills a ubiquitous market need. On top of all that, this box has some very attractive high-tech features for the consumer: a Bluetooth speaker, a battery with USB port, etc. The secret to the success of this campaign lies in the product itself.

Application for sending Pfizer postcards: donation strategy

The Pfizer application was able to convince and collect donations from a very simple idea: an application that allows you to send personalized postcards via any smartphone, tablet, or other connected device. The secret to the success of this crowdfunding campaign lies in the donation structure (from 5 to 1000 Euros, packs of cards, embroidered polo shirts, hotel nights, etc.). This strategy made it possible to gather a large number of participants, beyond funds. Which is a strong point for any crowdfunding campaign.

Tactile Watches for the Blind: Reaching the Masses

Bradley Snyder is the inventor of a clock for the blind that tells time using magnetic ball bearings that can be read by touch. An innovation that, like writing in Braille, is becoming more and more essential. In his crowdfunding campaign, Bradley S. presented his watch through a true story that sparked the idea: a poignant story that touched the masses. It tells the experience of a former US Navy officer who lost his sight in an explosion in Afghanistan. In a crowdfunding campaign, emotionally driven stories have great persuasive potential. It is enough to connect them sincerely!

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