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Everyone is looking for a reliable investment with well controlled risk and assuredly attractive returns. With the current inflation, it is really necessary to invest your money well. But does such an appointment exist? One investment that brings all of these qualities together, much to the delight of investors: in SCPI Fragmentation. A technological investment, but one that also includes advantages and which we invite you to discover.

What is Real Estate Dissection?

fragmentation of real estate Refers to legal concepts related to the right of ownership.

To make it very simple and short, Buy real estate in dissection In fact it is equivalent to buying real estate with a discount on the price which can even go up to 40% of the purchase price!

Laurent Fages, money management expert for Online Savings Expert central scpi ( Detailed:

“The counterparty will not receive rent for a period between 3 and 15 years. Of course, the longer you are withheld from rent, the higher the discount.

What are the advantages of real estate fragmentation?

The fragmentation of fixed assets has several advantages:

  • no taxation : A person who buys in tranche will receive a strong capital gain that is commensurate with the discount when the tranche is liquidated. He will have nothing to pay on this capital gain! No income tax or real estate property tax.
  • capital preservation : Since the fragmented investor has bought at a discount, he is protected against a one-off downturn in real estate.
  • a tempting comeback : Investing in severance today is like investing your money in an investment that can give a yield in the middle net up to 5% per annum, without taxation.

What is the disadvantage of fragmentation of fixed assets?

The disadvantage of splitting up real estate is that you have to buy the entire property and therefore often have more than €200,000 to invest.

However, it is possible to avoid this pitfall by buying segmented not classic real estate but SCPI or Societe Civils de Placement Immobilier.

What is scpi in fission?

SCPI is a real estate investment that can be bought in the form of shares. It is therefore much more accessible than traditional assets as one can easily place amounts ranging from €20,000 to €50,000 in fragmentation on SCPI.

An SCPI is much more diverse than a classic real estate property because it will contain an entire rich heritage made up of tens or hundreds of properties. A very powerful diversification.

Concrete example of investing in scpi fission

After the succession, Lewis B. inherited a capital of approximately €125,000. The soon-to-be-retired sixty-year-old didn’t want to reinvest in her life insurance, which had been letting her down over the years, and didn’t want to bother with asset management.

he contacted central scpi (, an online platform specializing in investing in SCPI shares that provides complete and free assistance to savers looking to better invest their money.

On the advice of his personal advisor, Laurent Fages central scpiIt was able to invest this amount in scpi decommissioning in 10 years with a discount to the current price of 33%!

Amount invested by Lewis in fission in SCPI Rebate offered over 10 years Value realized over 10 years with no value change Value correction in 10 years with modest growth in real estate
€125,000.00 33% €186,567.00 €206,086.00

Even if the value of the property does not increase for 10 years, Lewis will recover the equivalent of €186,567 from SCPI without any taxation. Considering a 5% net annual rent, this new capital could generate over €9,000 in rent per year!

And if real estate takes an average of 1% per year over time, it could also recover €206,086 in SCPI after 10 years, which would generate more than €10,000 in rent per year, even under the scenario of a 5% net annual return.

And even if the real estate loses 10% of its value in 10 years, a very pessimistic and disastrous scenario, Louise will still recover €167,910 from SCPI, giving her an annual rent of €8,400!

Where to find information to invest good savings in scpi in fission?

As you may have guessed, this investment in fission at SCPI is as interesting as it is technical. Therefore it is necessary to consult an expert. Editor’s Choice for industry-leading platforms: central scpi (

On their website, Savers has a technical sheet and rankings on SCPI. All their advisors are trained in wealth management and are able to guide investors in SCPI in their first steps.

It is clear that the current inflation is forcing French savers to find new options for investing their money. Rather than being locked into outdated paradigms of the past like Euro funds or life insurance in Passbook, there are ambitious investments based on solid fundamentals like Fragmented SCPI that can deliver net yields of up to 5% per annum without any taxation.

Do not hesitate to discuss this solution with confirmed experts on the subject like La Central des SCPI (

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Investing in SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of dividends received and preservation of capital. SCPIs are subject to fluctuations in the real estate market.

Before making any decision to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to ensure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, as with any real estate investment, keep in mind the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum holding period that cannot be less than eight years.

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