Social media: how to audit and optimize your strategy?

Did you know that your social media strategy pays off? really his goal?

In order to optimize the ROI of your presence on social networks, it is essential to audit your strategy regularly. Analyzing impact is the best way to improve, grow your community, optimize engagement and, above all, convince new customers.

If you don’t know where to start, download our social media specifications and follow the guide!

What is Social Media Audit?

It is no secret that we live in a hyper-connected world in which social networks play a major role. Our social environment is constantly changing, as evidenced by recurring modifications to the algorithms of social networks by their developers. Your social network requires constant strategic optimization.

make one social media auditThis is to synthesize all the statistical data collected by your accounts on social networks to analyze them and draw conclusions about their effectiveness.

When we conduct an audit, we analyze what works and what doesn’t. We also study its audience, that is, the types of people belonging to your community (age group, place of residence, gender, etc.).

You must have understood it, a . to complete social media auditIt’s all about drawing a clear picture of your efforts on social networks to take a step back from your actions and thus improve.

Why do a social media audit?

Do you use your social network to communicate with your goals or customers to inform them about news from your company? We strongly advise that you a social media audit To improve the effectiveness of your actions and achieve your goals.

Assess your business strength on social media

Doing a social media audit is a good way for you to assess the strength of your business. You should focus on your strengths so as not to waste time on those tasks which are not profitable.

To find out if your actions are effective, we recommend that you measure the engagement rate of your content. It is calculated based on your total number of subscribers versus the engagement of your post (number of likes, shares, saves, comments).

By calculating the engagement rate of your posts, you will quickly realize which content attracts your goals or, conversely, which doesn’t work at all. Once you’ve identified your best posts, keep creating similar content.

Keep in mind that you should be creating content tailored to your goals and they should be at the heart of your social media strategy.

A good starting point for improving your content strategy

Now that you have the content that your targets like to consume on such or such social networks, you can optimize your content strategy according to the conclusions you may have drawn from it.

Ale’social media audit Allows you to achieve proficiency to offer content completely customized to your customers’ expectations. By providing them with relevant and quality content, you will be able to build a solid community and build strong relationships with them.

discover new opportunities

Ale’social media audit It is also a good way to identify new opportunities for your business.

By analyzing the audience that you manage to get through your content, you can realize that your goal is much bigger than you think. Or conversely, that you need to focus on a particular core goal in order to grow your business. So this conclusion will bring you a new business opportunity and a guideline to follow.

When you analyze all your social networks through your audit, you may also be surprised at the accessibility of certain types of content. The key is to take the time to advance your observations by measuring the impact of your actions.

How to audit social networks?

As you must have understood that it is necessary to execute a social media audit To stop wasting time on actions that don’t work, and optimize your content strategy. But where to start audit social network ,

Start by Analyzing the Existing

your first step social media audit Before analyzing your performance you need to develop a list of all your social networks.

We invite you to create a table on Google Sheets listing all the useful data for your accounts (number of subscribers, number of publications, number of views of your videos, etc.). To do this, go to your accounts settings then Statistical statistics.

You’ll find valuable information about your goals: the best time of day to post content or the day of the week when your goals are most receptive. Enter this data into your table and start analyzing it.

Define your performance indicators

Based on the objectives you have set, define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These statistics will allow you to measure the impact of your social media strategy and analyze your progress.

For example, you can define the number of views of your post as a key performance indicator to measure the effectiveness of your communication.

Measure your efforts by calculating the return on your investment

As we talked about this a while back, the purpose of an audit is to measure the profitability of your operations by first calculating your return on investment (ROI).

Your ROI is the value you have generated for your business, which you have spent (natural or paid).

This performance indicator gives you a clear and accurate idea of ​​the profitability of your social media strategy.

So that you can do your own social media audit, let’s review together the important steps to measure the effectiveness of your strategy!

1. Analyze Performance Indicators

To begin your audit, take stock of key performance indicators and their development as you are on a social network. Among the key metrics you should evaluate are:

  • community volume;
  • Number of interactions per post (likes, comments, shares, etc.);
  • reach/imprint of publications;
  • engagement rate;
  • number of clicks on the call-to-action;
  • views of your video;
  • The number of mentions in your community’s posts.

These data should be in continuous progress; If you see that an indicator is falling, it is essential to see when it started to fall.

Have you changed anything in your editorial line? This could be the deletion of a weekly appointment, the introduction of a new type of position, a reduction in a specific format, etc.

2. Control the profile of your customers

Analyze the profiles of your customers to find out if your social media strategy is efficient.

On FacebookYou can find more information about your fans in the “Stats” section. Click on the “People” tab. You will get to know the gender, age and place of residence of your fans.

Quite thin information, but you can check first whether it suits your buyer persona profile.

You can access the same type of statistics instagram ,

instagram social media audit

TwitterOn the other hand, it is more liberal when it comes to data. Go to “Statistics”, then to “Audience”. In addition to gender, microblogging sites reflect the interests of your followers:
twitter social media audit

related to linkedinTrue to its image as a B2B social network, it provides you with professional data:

linkedin social media audit

3. Measure your community’s favorite content

To optimize your strategy along with your editorial line, study the posts your customers love. To do this, identify the posts that have the highest interaction rate. Rate the full post:

  • its format (video, photo, computer graphics, etc.);
  • the color of the scene;
  • call-to-action in the publication;
  • position length;
  • time and date of publication;
  • Highlighted information (product promotions, blog articles, expert content, etc.);
  • If it was sponsored: Target and budget used.

You will certainly distinguish several points between them, which will help you refine your future publications.

4. Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Actions

Calculating the profitability of your social media strategy is not as easy as you think.

Start by calculating the budget for the social network. To do this, add the cost:

  • Sponsored campaigns and social media advertising;
  • community manager (service provider or employee) position;
  • prizes for competitions;
  • social media management tools;
  • Photo and video creation tools.

Now you need to analyze the results. Of course, it’s more difficult, but several elements can help you understand the impact of your strategy:

  • Compare the turnover of the current year with the turnover of the years when you were not present on the social network (month by month);
  • count the number of sales generated by coupons distributed on social networks;
  • In Google Analytics, see the “Acquisitions” > “Social Media” > “Conversions” section.

For more accurate results in the future, you must:

  • Configure conversion goals on Google Analytics;
  • Install Retargeting Pixel on Facebook;
  • Track all URLs posted on social networks.

You will then be able to fully calculate the ROI of all your actions and, as a whole, of your social media strategy.

Our tips for conducting an effective social media audit

A’s goal social media audit, It is to have a clear and precise vision of the working of your content strategy.

Also note that to ensure your success, you must regularly monitor your actions while keeping track of your performance indicators.

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