Secrets to Becoming and Staying Better Than Your Competitors

There is no need to look at your competitors with envy and get frustrated every time they are mentioned. It’s clear that any company should keep an eye out, but also look for the good ideas that allow it to become a leader in its market. The question is how to become or remain better than your competitors.

Listen to your consumers because they are the owners.

They are the ones who buy you and they are the ones who will pay. That’s why you should try to give them the quickest and best response possible. Visiting customers to listen to them will allow you to get a fair idea of ​​their wants and needs. Once you listen, you have to challenge yourself to see what they are asking for. Customers do not hesitate to give their opinion on the Internet and on social networks. Instead of looking at them with contempt, respond to them and try to improve yourself. Arrogance is never good! This is difficult because the market is often already structured.

This is innovation.

To think that innovation stems from an idea that sprouts from the mind like a light bulb that lights up, is on the wrong track! Reflect every day and tell yourself how changing a detail would be more effective. For example, Wonderbox’s gift boxes responded to consumers’ desire for a large gift, a good gift. To satisfy his wish, the company adapted the contents of the box to the new box proportions. The company also knew how to question itself during a health crisis and introduced new boxes to suit the circumstances. Asking questions allows you to enter a highly-competitive market. Never dwell on your achievements!

You have to be passionate…

…what you do but also to get to know your product or products well and attract the attention of potential customers. Michelle and Augustin never stop broadcasting their passion for creating fans to their clients. He used to search wildly for new ideas. It is an infinity of details that make up success.

Take the fear out of talking about your project…

… and totally talk about it too. Also, don’t be afraid that your idea will be stolen. Everyone can have a prism and a vision that will allow you to change. Without realizing it, it can give you a great innovation which will be a new business model or your new project. It is necessary to collect the views and opinions of those who, moreover, may be your future consumers.

Bring out the ideas internally.

No one has a monopoly on ideas as an entrepreneur. Taking positions with as many people as possible, and especially with employees, leads to great ideas. Moreover, on products, the best ideas come from the base and they are easy to implement, very solid, coming from the market. For example, an employee told Bertile Burrell about the difficulty she had in talking about certain products because she didn’t really know them. It was an Ayurvedic massage. As a result of this discussion, Wonderbox created a program called “A dream tester 500 euros per year” For all employees to test the products. And suddenly they can talk about it because they know them perfectly. One suggestion to keep in mind

Another advice?

If you haven’t already, take action.

Go Ahead, Keep Passion: The Journey Is Worth the Effort

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