recovery loss

rThe eprise d’entreprise always analyzes its past and bets on its future. The turbulent times we have been experiencing for the past 3 years have prompted us to think carefully about extraordinary situations and consider others we never thought of. To acquire a company is to acknowledge its history. You will see that he has faced ups and downs but he has been able to overcome tough times.

In the case of a company takeover, several benefits are noted, including time savings: absence of staff recruitment, presence of customers, being able to offer products to establish themselves in a new market or a strategic segment. likely to do, etc.

The acquired company is somewhat like a neighborhood which may be provided with more or less shops but may also be more or less vibrant and dynamic. The periodic existence of animations, for example “business weeks” or famous flea markets, means that your potential customers may have a greater tendency to visit and visit your place of sale.

However, some disadvantages should not be overlooked:

Corpses in company cell

It is best to carefully study the economic and financial condition of the company you wish to buy. In fact, some companies resell for specific reasons such as a stagnation or decline in business, poor management of the company or even a bad image associated with the crisis. To sell at a higher price, some don’t hesitate to falsify reality. You don’t need to be naive.

high cost of recovery

Business acquisition costs are sometimes higher than business creation: so your personal contribution will be more significant, even though the chances of getting a loan are higher. If the price is high, you definitely need to study the short, medium and long term prospects.

conflict with existing employees

If you don’t like the organization of the company and want to change it, you may face acceptance problems and conflict with existing employees. Your changes, your results, your decision-making will be focused on during your employees’ adaptation time without forgetting that you will be constantly compared to your predecessor. And if he had a certain charisma, then your integration will become even more difficult. But on the contrary, you can bring a fresh breath which will allow the employees to vent their displeasure and get involved in the new project.

long conversation

The transferor is not always ready to sell his “child”, and therefore may decide not to act at the last minute. Or he may choose to take another solution such as selling his business to another company or putting one of his children in charge.

supplier and customer relationship

Prior to resale, the company had already communicated an image to its customers and suppliers. Be it good or bad the image will have to be with height and/or better. After sales, customers accustomed to former managers may become reluctant and even lose confidence. Work on communications, customer and supplier relationships will be among the first tasks you’ll have to deal with.

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