How to Post to Twitter Like a Real Community Manager

Community management is no easy task! As we well know, the Community Manager spends hours creating digital display and accountability of your business. So how do you know yourself, build customer loyalty and target new people, without being intrusive? it’s this way !

How to tweet well

In France, according to Statista, Twitter is the 5th social network, 206 million use Twitter daily and the number of Twitter users in France is 16.1 million monthly users in France, and 5.1 million daily users According to Médiamétrie, 38.5% of Twitter users are between the ages of 25 and 24.

Twitter can generate unexpected traffic to your webpage. It is also a way to stay close to your customers and meet their expectations. Twitter should be used in a multi-channel strategy (for example it should complement a Facebook or RSS feed).

First, your profile. Personalize your company page, but also your personal profile. A relevant, but comforting biography can only attract sympathy, and will inspire you to follow. Follow as many “good” people as possible (media, suppliers, affiliates and even competitors). This will start an “I follow you, you follow me” dynamic, and will increase your followers significantly.

Then tweet “pro”. Do not publish in any way. Out of your tweets should be dedicated to the area you are targeting, the remaining third should be dedicated to the hobby or passion. Your editorial line should remain professional so that there is no joke! Do not do more than 3 tweets in a row and keep a correct frequency between multiple tweets. It is not by showering publications on your readers that they will be more attracted, quite the contrary. Humanize your profile: Diversify the type of content that is relayed. Internet users appreciate visual content, especially images and videos.

Remember, Twitter is a “social” network. Foster conversation and exchange by communicating with your users as often as possible and answering their questions. Don’t be impulsive and don’t write under the influence of emotions because once you tweet your writing remains and some internet users have the annoying habit of bringing you back tweets that you regret because you sometimes don’t know the reality. without being angry with others. Never be naive!

professional network

in France in 2022 LinkedIn has over 24 million members and an estimated 11.5 million monthly active members, making it the sixth social network. There are 840,000 companies on the platform. Worldwide, LinkedIn has a total of 850 million members as of August 2022. professional social network You are required to expand your network of contacts. Having a complete, honest and clear profile is essential to the credibility of your business. In fact, if you find out on your supplier’s profile that he has lied to you about a particular aspect of his life during a friendly discussion, you will question the trust you have given him. But these professional networks have one advantage, and not the least: quickly find the person you’re interested in when you need it. Advice, information, a customer, a supplier… Discussions abound. And answering any one of them may be fruitful later…

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