partner with a family member

Business failures associated with a bad association are legion. Disputes between partners, undefined roles… The desire to partner with someone you know well, and especially with a member of your family, is not in vain. But is this really a good idea?

due to family

The first, and perhaps the biggest, reason for joining as a family is that many studies show that Family businesses are more sustainable, You increase the chances of your business surviving, which is not negligible when you know that most businesses close after 3 years.

Other advantage lies in trust, Even if members of the same family sometimes deceive each other, it is more difficult for them to do so without family consequences. The latter will inevitably be aware of each other’s actions and the risk of dissatisfying the whole family in the event of a bad move is high. It’s hard to see one partner making sure to kick another partner out of the same family or embezzle money… even though it can always happen.

Discussion between members of the same family usually have low results, Accustomed to arguments from an early age, it is difficult to see brothers or sisters, for example, hold grudges for life without first trying all means of appeasement. It’s easy to hurt the pride of someone you don’t know so well or have a hard time thinking about your partner if they’re not a member of your family. Even large disputes are usually settled fairly quickly.

knowledge of others is also a key element. Joining a family often equates to doing so with someone whose personal and professional qualities, Sometimes even if it is not so, most of the time the companions of the same family understand the working of the other very well. This can save you a lot of worries and surprises.

Any profit also goes to the family For those who have a special interest in the preservation or creation of heritage. In the event of death, the rules of operation of the shares should still be well defined so that later there is no conflict between the family members.

communication made easy, Colleagues in the same family generally have no problem expressing their opinions, even assertively, and contacts are less standardized than with someone you know well. Therefore information is transmitted better, which can represent a real time saver.

reverse side of the coin

But advantages can also become disadvantages. If the argument is too great or trust is broken, Entire family may split and conflict may spreadWhere he would have confined himself to the world of work.

If Communications convenience, it It happens more easily animated, It is more explicit and less thoughtful, which can lead to routine conflict that can weigh on employees if they are not channeled and which can quickly degrade the company environment.

privacy Other injury may occur, both partners will disobey the basic rules regarding intrusion into the other’s life. We especially think about phone calls that may be too late…

finally report good between members of the same family may be deformed And family conversations can quickly turn around business. Thus the moments of rest can be affected, which can be detrimental to the productivity of everyone in the long term. In the same way, for example, complaining about your partner at a family meal becomes difficult.

Whatever your decision, there are many examples of successes and failures of family businesses. In the case of association, don’t forget that you have to set up rules as if your partner were not your family.

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