All about domain name utility

To visit a site, we enter an Internet address such as Another way to do this is to type one or more “key words” into your search engine which will give you a set of results. By clicking on these you will be able to reach the desired site.

The domain name is part of your website’s Internet address. It consists of a domain (dynamic-mag) and an extension (.com in our example). Simply put, a domain name consists of a sequence of characters consisting of one or more words possibly separated by hyphens and an extension such as .com, .fr, .biz, .info, .org, .net, and many others are included. , Domain name for all internet protocols like http, ftp, news, mail,…

A domain name, for what purpose?

The very first step you should take when you are building the Internet or even when you are checking the availability of your brand name, is to reserve your domain name. To take your site online, you must have one. In other words, it’s impossible to do e-commerce and do it without determining a “professional” e-mail address…

It represents your primary identity on the Internet without which we cannot see you on the web (or find you). It conditions your presence on many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Voil. A genuine online business card, it should not be chosen by chance as it will be the first thing that will be typed by people who are looking for you on the web. Think about it!

domain name features

It is essential to reserve your domain name as soon as possible. First come will be first served, even though the precedence of your mark may sometimes allow you to recover it. It must contain at least two characters and must not contain any distinguishing marks or spaces, except for the hyphen “-” used as the separator in our initial example.

It should contain a number of characters between 2 and 63 regardless of extension, even though a name that is too long can make it difficult to access your site quickly and should therefore be avoided. Allowed characters are numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from a to z. The domain name can begin or end with a dash.

principle of expansion

To avoid the dangers of cybersquatting (practice that involves reserving a domain name specific to one brand to change the visibility of the latter, editor’s note), it is still possible to register domain names under multiple extensions. In principle, .com is allocated to international and commercial sites, but none of the terms govern its allocation.

.net usually refers to sites that are related to new technologies and the field of computing. With the advent of social networks, this expansion is experiencing a renewed interest among entrepreneurs in the new economy. The latter is not subject to any restrictions. Institutional sites are usually designated by .org, such as state bodies or associations. The .eu extension designates natural or legal persons who are established in the territory of the European Union.

Extensions often refer to a specific set, but are not exclusive. We can choose a domain name with an extension that is still free or that suits us.

It is a good idea to check its availability to make sure you are using the correct domain name. To protect your brand in the target markets, it is advisable to purchase multiple extensions. Having a .com domain name is annoying enough and a competitor has the same name but with a .fr or .net extension. This does not require multiple websites, but simply redirecting these addresses to the main address of the site.

The domain name has become so important now that it sometimes determines the choice of a brand name or company name, especially for companies that exist only on the web.

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